Sunday, November 28, 2010

All Strung Out

Weekly weigh-in: 218.1
Loss: +2.8
Total loss: -73.8
Emotion: On the rise

Here’s what you have to understand about me:  I’m a yo-yo when it comes to losing/gaining weight. All my life, I’ve lost huge amounts, then turned around and gained huge-er amounts.

Even now, I can feel the pull of history tugging on me, the gravity of old times and old ways. I am absolutely certain that without the anchor of this blog, without the security and support of a community of like-minded weight-loss warriors, I’d have ballooned on up already.

Now… now I can absorb a trip to Chicago, an extended period of inactivity due to my wife’s health problems and Thanks-freakin’-giving and post only a modest gain.

Speaking of my wife, thanks to all of you for the warm wishes, thoughtful prayers and healing vibes you sent Anita’s way last week. She’s doing much better, her vision creeping back a little more each day. We’re not out of the woods yet, but things look pretty positive right now.

And this week, I’m taking my daughter Holly to Baltimore and New York City to look at more artsy-fartsy colleges. I promised my youngest daughter Pisa that she could come with me the next time I went to NYC, but that was when I thought Anita was making the college trips; so I gotta make room in my suitcase to cram a lanky 11-year-old in.

I suspect I’ll overdo it a bit on our trip, but I’m also sure I’ll walk my ass off, and I know I’ll keep my wits about me and not go completely nuts with what I put in my mouth.

I’ve been a yo-yo’er my whole life.

Now I’m ready to cut the string.


  1. Yay for blogging - as an awesome tool!
    Blogs and Kisses,
    Anne H

  2. I was going to type a lengthy response to this, but instead, I suggest you pop by my blog to read my latest post. It was written for all of of us 'yo-yos'. ;)

  3. I gained that much this week, too. It seems as if I lose and gain the same 20lbs over and over and over and over. It's really frustrating. =\

  4. yo yo's add character my friend ;-).
    The one thing that we have learned that if there is a gain we fix it and don't let ourselves go. I know all about yo yo's but as long as you keep fighting you will be ok!
    Hope Anita is feeling better soon!

  5. Life happens! And it really throws a wrench in our weight loss plans. I'm so glad your wife is getting better. Enjoy your trip with your daughter! Maybe when you're in NY you can hit up the Empire State building and do some stairs :)

  6. Glad Anita is doing better. and as far as the Yo-Yo...well, yep cut the string...its lost its purpose...time for a new toy!

  7. I'm cutting the string too. You aren't alone there. I am finally back to the point of where I was in May after losing 40 lbs and then regaining every last ounce of it. This time though my mind is set on finishing what I started instead of being in a perpetual state of up 40, down 40, ...

    Glad your wife is on the mend and your spirits are brighter. Have fun in NY. That sounds like a fun trip with your girls.

  8. Jack, I am so glad Anita is doing better! Nothing as bad as worrying about family member's health. Glad all is moving in the positive direction.

    Yup, you have had a tough few weeks with your wife & all. Jack, you can do this! Fit in whatever exercise you can & REMEMBER, FOOD IS 75-80% OF THE BATTLE so do the best you can....

    Good luck on that trip! I see the creativity runs in the family!

  9. A great effort mate. Keep up the good work with your weight loss!

    Jim from Bleep Test

  10. Thanks Jack. Nice analogy.

    Being an x-New Yorker myself... you will walk your ass off if you plan it right. Cheaper than cabs anyway!


  11. Wishing you all a wonderful time together. Sounds like fun.

    We all run the risk of losing our hard won success and i think most of has have this secret fear that we will lose the plot altogether one day.

    You're managing well and I say Amen to the value of blogging and blogging friends.

    Blessings to you and your family.

  12. Let me hand you the scissors....

  13. Glad to hear Anita is getting better. Sorry about the gain but I know this week is a toughie for all of us. Hope you and the girls have a terrific time in Baltimore and New York.

  14. That's why I started the "support group time" on my blog ... I desparately needed it, and I hope others get use out of it too.

    I especially need it right now. What a mess my life is. Still haven't gotten back on plan.


    Vee at

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  16. > And this week, I’m taking my daughter
    > Holly to Baltimore and New York City to
    > look at more artsy-fartsy colleges.

    When in NYC have her listen to WBAI 99.5 on Tuesday at 2:00 P.M. to the radio show "Artsy-Fartsy."

    > I promised my youngest daughter Pisa
    > that she ...

    Lastly I'm ashamed to admit, and really
    really really, no insult intended but
    I always thought your daughter's name
    was a playful nom de plume.

    You know.

    You are Jack Sh*t and she
    is Pisa Sh*t....I swear, I swear, I really thought this...sorry. (it is kinda out there funny though)

  17. here's some scissors. Track, it'll help.
    Glad anita is doing better. Have fun on your trip.

  18. Have a safe trip! And so glad to read that things with Anitia are improving! Don't fret, I'm sure you'll bang those couple of pounds off in no time once your life settles down and gets back to normal!

  19. its the time of the year!! i bet this happens to you every year because it does to me :-)

  20. Yo-yo's? Cutting the string? You are talking my language!!!!

    THIS yo-yo'er is on the way down for the last time. After a lifetime of always going up or down, this is it. There will be NO rebound.

    PS I'm glad to hear your wife is doing better...loss of vision would be a VERY tough thing. Hope you have a wonderful time on your getaway.

  21. so so so glad to read it about your wife.

  22. So glad Anita is doing better! I bet as you start to shed the recent stress, that bit of weight gain will just fall by the wayside. Have fun! NYC is great!



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