Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bodfather: Last, But Not Least

Subject #5 in the "Bodfather"
Witness Reduction Program: Billie

Height: 5’4”
Current weight: 411 lbs.

When I began this “Bodfather” series, I went into it with a vague idea of the kind of person I wanted to participate in the project.

Someone with a huge hurdle in front of them.

Someone who maybe didn’t get the support or encouragement they needed to succeed.

Someone whose story might make others sit up and take notice.

My original idea was to just go with one individual, but after receiving over 100 interested applicants, I expanded it out to four.

Then I heard from Billie. At 400+ pounds, this thirty-something year-old homeschooling mom realizes that this is a make-it-or-break-it point in her life. But it wasn’t the amount of weight she’s looking to lose that convinced me that I wanted to be a part of Billie’s journey; it was her unflagging spirit that captured my imagination.

Billie’s spent far too long on the sidelines of her own life. She’s sick and tired of all the things she can’t be, all the things she can’t do.

“I am fully and painfully aware of, at all times, the limitations placed on me because of my size,” she told me recently. “About a year ago, when I was working out pretty steadily, I was walking into the Y when I heard a little girl say to her mom, ‘Mama, what did that woman do to her body?’

“I wish I had turned around and answered that little girl. Not harshly at all–she really wanted to know. And I hope her mama told her. I hope she didn’t just say, ‘Shhh–don’t say that honey, it’s not nice.’ I hope she told her all about how important it is to stay active, and eat your fruits and veggies, and not just eat because it tastes good and you want some more or because you’re sad/happy/angry.

“I hope she told her that just because I was bigger didn’t mean that I was any different from anyone else, that what mattered most when it came to people was what was on the inside, that someone can have a outwardly beautiful appearance and be unbearably ugly inside.”

Billie may be big, but she's been blessed with  thick skin, so she tries to live her live with as much humility and good grace as possible. She’s used to being pointed at, giggled at, smirked at. She may not like it, but she tries not to let it get her down.

“I am not particularly sensitive about my weight, or even the word fat,”, she says. “It’s simply an adjective. It’s the state I’m in now, not who I am. And I’m really okay with that, because I am doing what I can to move in the right direction.”

I’d like to take credit for creating the spark that’s slowly turning into a raging inferno inside of Billie, but I think I’m more of a witness than a catalyst. From the very first moment of our ongoing communication, Billie’s been more gung-ho about her weight-loss mission than anyone I’ve ever seen. She wants it badly, and she wants it now.

As Shakespeare once said, “What’s past is prologue.” Billie’s writing a new, brighter future for herself. She’s even started her own blog in order to document her successes and setbacks. She knows she's got a long road in front of her, but she’s ready... check that... she’s eager to get going.

Me? I can’t wait to see how her story turns out…

Measurements (in inches)

Biceps - 19
Waist  - 45.5
Hips - 74.75
Thigh -  40
Body fat percentage: 61.8%


  1. Can't wait to see her success! She sounds like a very brave woman, indeed.

  2. I'm looking forward to getting to know Billie during this challenge.

    I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that I am thankful for Jack Sh*t. You've been such a positive force in the blogging community and I know I speak for others when I say "Thank you". Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I send good healing thoughts to Anita.

  3. Billie's answer to that child- even though she couldn't give it- is perfect. I"m heading to her new blog to support her and follow her journey.

  4. Thanks for the introduction to Billie :) I`m looking forward to hearing more about her journey!

  5. I second all that Roxie said Jack. You know you got 100 people and I got 1 lol. I can't wait to see all your bodfather folks succeed. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  6. Third to Roxie and bbubblyb
    Please give my best to Anita!
    And Happy TGiving!

  7. wrote my story! I can't WAIT to be inspired by you and your ATTITUDE...Honestly, that is the heart and soul of MOST big girls...thick skinned..and the BIGGeST HEART of ALL.....

    Off to your place NOW...

  8. I am cheering for ya Billy! You can do it girl! :)

  9. Go, Billie, Go! We are all rooting for you!

  10. You can do it, Bullied. You have a whole blogging community here to support you. I'm also a homeschooling mom taking control of my health. We will do this!

  11. Before all else Billie, tell yourself that your worth it. Tell yourself every day, multiple times a day. If you say it enough you'll believe it. Then you'll do something about it. Here's to your life!

  12. thanks Jack!! i received your cheese coupon in the mail :-)

  13. Good luck to you Billie :-) I am a home schooling mom too and i know its hard. Being a mom is full time job too!! Its hard to get someone to watch the kids to get out and exercise. Its hard to find time in the day to do anything different. Its hard to be around food all the time without eating it!! Arugh!! Well I just want you to know that where there is a will, there is a way!! Plan ahead just like you do with school lessons. When we have a good, well planned school day, everything else goes better too. Its the same with scheduling in good eating and exercise time. You can do this. I did and keep working on it :-) It is possible. Just takes discipline. You will never regret taking the first step!!! We are all cheering you on!!

  14. I'm sitting up and I'm taking notice.

    Good luck Billie.

  15. Good Luck Billie!!! I'm looking forward to celebrating your successes along the way!!

  16. Chiming in late here, but good luck and good planning, Billie! Seriously, you can do it. Give yourself credit for every small positive change. Recognize all the non-scale victories! I've had my ups and downs, but bit by bit, I will get to a healthy weight.

  17. Thanks for sharing Billie's story! Its always so encouraging to hear about others motivation to lose weight and be healthy.



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