Wednesday, February 24, 2010

An Unexpected Guest

There’s one thing about Tony (“The Anti-Jared”) Posnanski, and I think he’d be the first to tell you this if he were here: he does not understand the whole guest post thing. Just like he does most days over at his place, Tony brings you an experience you’re not expecting. He zigs when, quite frankly, you’re expecting some sort of zagging. The perspective he has on what we’re all going through is incredibly unique, because few of us have fallen lower or risen higher during our own journeys. I’ve never met the man, never shaken his hand, never spoken to him on the phone, but I’m proud to call Tony a friend.

I really do not understand the whole guest post thing.

In all fairness, I do not understand a lot of things.

Actually, I am writing this at 11:30 on a Saturday night. I am waiting for my son to wake up so I can give him his nightly feeding so I can go to bed. I have to work early on Sunday. The good news is I can wear jeans!!!!

I guess I just want to tell Jack “thank you”. Since he started blogging a few months ago, he has energized me. I love reading his posts. Some hit me hard, some make me laugh. Some are extremely long so I do not read them (I have a short attention span) and… well, I forgot what I was talking about.

Oh yeah. Jack has made me a better blogger.

A few months ago I commented that he should do a song parody to “Walking in Memphis” by Marc Cohn (if you say you like the Lonestar version better, well, don’t say it!)

Well, he never did, so I thought I would do a chop version of it. Like he was singing it.

I am sorry, Marc Cohn

Put on my blue wrestling mask,

And I sat down to blog. 

Commented on almost every weight loss blog,

In the middle of my silent post.

T.J. Booboo
-- won't you cook something for me?

Yeah I got a lot of followers,

But I'm as happy as a WW member can be.

Then I'm blogging in Memphis.

Blogging with Anita and Pisa playing checkers.

Blogging in Memphis,

But do you really know how great you make me feel? 

Saw the ghost of Mizfit
On Blogher Avenue.

Commented her up to get a free giveaway, 

But Jen beat me right through! 

Now Notjustcelery did not comment;

She already had a BOSU ball.

But there's pair of New Balance shoes

Waiting for the Sh*t…. 

I’ll send Miz my address. 

Blogging in Memphis.

Blogging with Anita and Pisa playing chess.

Blogging in Memphis,

But do you really know how great you make me feel?

I’ve got weigh-ins every Sunday.

I’ve got song parodies throughout the week. 

And inspirational posts… I’m glad to write those.

You may think you haven't got a prayer,

But boy, you've got a friend in Memphis.

Now Pastaqueen writes 
Everyday on her fantastic site,

And they brought me down to see her 

And they asked me if I would --

Write a post about movies
That kind of had a weight loss theme to them
(Ex. “Tootsie” Roll, Field of Drumsticks)

And I wrote with all my might. 

And she said -- 
“Tell me are you a weight loss blogger?”

And I said “Jenette, I am tonight.” 

Blogging in Memphis.

Blogging with Anita and Pisa playing Scrabble.

Blogging in Memphis, 

But do you really know how great you make me feel?

In all seriousness, Jack is a one of a kind. I am glad he is blogging, and I am proud to call him my friend. As much as I help people, he probably has no idea how much he has inspired my blog over the last year.

You will always have me as a follower.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out =)

    I'm surprised Jack didn't parody that song, seeing as he is from (near?) Memphis! He gave me some good restaurant tips when I was there for work!

    I'm still waiting for a Britney parody...*ahem*

  2. Love Love Love Marc Cohn and your parody aint bad either :) Very fun!

  3. Fantastic job on the song Tony...I laughed all the way through. Yeah, Jack's a good one....I reckon he's stuck with ALL of us followers, but then who doesn't love having their own occult?

  4. I just found this blog recently and have to agree, Mr Jack is the Sh*! I love this blog...can't get enough of it. You are one of a kind and I look forward to reading more and getting to know others through this blog(and getting more inspiration to keep moving along)

    I think I will go check out some of those blogs today

    Have a good one

  5. Now I've seen it all. Tony just ate jack sh*t for breakfast.

    Awesome post guys. You both made my day. As usual.


  6. one of my favorite one-hit-wonder songs. Well done Tony.


  7. haha! Yep, the whole guest blogger concept went right over his head! Leave it to Tony though to switch things up on us!

  8. I think this was one of the best guest posts ever- Tony was so clever to write a song parody as if YOU wrote it jack. :) Hehe

    Oh and I will cook for anyone, come on over! :)

  9. This was food for thought, baby!
    I've been inspired by both you guys and all the other bloggers in this whole "situation".

  10. Great parody! I really needed the smile today too! :)

  11. Love it when two of my favorite bloggers end up in the same place.

  12. Nice work my friend. Very nice. The country version is... uh--never mind.

    Great song parody!

    I agree---I'll read anything Jack writes for as long as he writes. He's brilliant. And Tony---You are too!

  13. Hi. My blog has moved to I'm deleting my other one. I'll explain there.


  14. Jack, thx for bringing Anti-Jaed here & actually to my attention. I found him thru you.

    You both are amazing & talented writers/bloggers.. honest about this whole weight loss & maintenance stuff. You throw it out - it is hard work so get over it & do the hard work!

    Thx to you both!

  15. lol...for not understanding the whole guest post did pretty well.

  16. That's such a sweet post. Like the song too.



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