Friday, February 12, 2010

Midnight Snack

I’m Sorry, Melissa Manchester

Whatever you do, just keep till the morning
Haven’t you had enough to eat now, Jack?
Midnight snack.
Remember your supper was real healthy stuff.
Haven't you had enough?
And I think you can make it,
Seven more hours, if you try.
Don’t do it like all the old times.

For all the times you woke up real hungry,
Eating right now would take your diet outta whack.
Midnight snack.
Shouldn’t you put that hunger in cold storage?
Wake up and have some porridge.
And I think you can make it.
It’s not that hard,
if you try.
The recipe’s on the back.
Midnight snack.

I think I can make it.
I think I can make it.
Wouldn’t I like to eat healthy like I oughta?
Oops… I added too much water.
Looks like I can’t make it.
One more time, if I try
One more time for all of the old oatmeal.


  1. Ugh! I hate this week. I didn't get ready for it. BUt the sugar monster is attacking at my house. So far, I've avoided it. But, the trenches are falling back ...

  2. The next time I play that song on the piano, it'll be Midnite Snack!

  3. What inspired this song?

    Were you really contemplating a midnight snack and resisted, and tthen you came up with the song?

    As stupid as this sounds, i learn a lot about your journey through your songs.

  4. Early in this journey, I had a strict rule that I wouldn't eat anything after dinner. I relaxed that after six months or so... and now usually have a cup of yogurt with fruit and/or nuts, but Anita made some kick-ass granola the other night that seemed to tempt me to no end. I found myself returning and eating handful after handful. So that was probably the inpiration for the song.

    As for the song itself... I play a game called Satellite Roulette when I'm in the car. I spin the dial on my XM radio and listen to whatever song comes up. I landed on MM's "Midnight Blue" and came up with the bulk of the rewrite while driving in to work.

    Sometimes talking it out (or writing something kinda goofy) gets me past the tough patches.

  5. I have never heard that song before...

  6. Jack,

    You are brilliant! I found myself looking at the snack box at work last night but somehow meandered away from it throughout the night. I think I will memorize your song...

  7. I heart oatmeal.

    Midnight snacks are hard to resist!

  8. Snacking... can sneak up right on up you! No matter what the time. DAMNIT.

  9. Thank you! I needed this. I purchased a few Clif bars to keep in my drawer at work. I am bored, not hungry, and I want to eat one knowing full well I don't need it. I had a great healthy lunch and I don't want to make my morning workout go to waste by overeating. You rock!

  10. If my tummy is growling at bedtime I just imagine my body "eating" the snack off my butt instead and the urge goes away. Nothing beats a butt snack!

  11. Snacking in the afternoon and after dinner are my biggest overindulge temptation times. I could snack my way through life. Oh...I did that for awhile and was as big around as I was tall!!

  12. Anonymous said 'Stupid'? That in itself is stupid.

    Waiting till morning is a skill best learnt!
    Hunger pains don't last too long so we just have to rationalise through each pang :o)

  13. What a way to turn an oldie into a new song. A new song that's funny but with a good point.

    (My dad knows the song. Hehehe.)



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