Saturday, March 5, 2011

W.I.D.T.H. My Compliments

It never fails to brighten my day when another W.I.D.T.H. contribution crosses my email inbox. I never know if it's going to be something funny, something clever, something heartfelt, something sad.

Why are you doing this anyway? Can you boil it down to a note card? Can you work a camera? Can you attach an attachment to an email? Can you type "

Amanda @ Get to Goal


  1. Being healthy is nice, but wearing 'normal' clothes - you know, the pretty ones fat people don't 'deserve' - drives me towards success. I'll never forget the years crying the changing room when another piece of clothing didn't fit, which was made worse by my older sister wearing any fashionable clothes she liked because she's always been slim.

  2. As always, love the Saturday W.I.D.T.H post. Reading this is a great way to start the weekend. Thanks as always Jack!!!

  3. Some great W.I.D.T.H.'s these are very inspirational to all of us. Thanks Jack!

  4. Love these and look forward to them every week. I laugh with them, I cry with them. We have all been there. Thank you. I am working on mine. I know what I want to do, just need someone to take the picture.

  5. I love these. The variety of reasons are so interesting.

  6. Awesome! Very inspiring :)



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