Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Healthy Travel Tips

• Mini-bar keys are generally very small, so just go ahead and swallow it so you're not tempted.

• It's important to stay hydrated, so plan to drink plenty of hydration.

• Encourage everyone at your departure gate at the airport to participate in a spontaneous Zumba session.

• Get a peddle-power rent-a-car.

• You can turn the desk in your hotel room into a treadmill by finding someone who's interested in trading a treadmill for a hotel desk.

• Be incredibly late for your flight.

• If you're a passenger on a long car trip, stand up through the sunroof. No, there's nothing particularly healthy about it, but it feels like you're running really, really fast.

• Ask concierge how many lobby laps equals 5K.

• Pack healthy snacks like rice cakes, apple slices, baby carrots and... oh who am I kidding? You're not going to do that...

• Some people use out-of-town travel as an excuse to get drunk and act a fool, but I'm telling that doesn't have to be the case. You can get drunk and act a fool at home, too.

• Do a few reps of suitcase curls.

• There's no place better for a relaxing stretching session than the floor of a truck stop restroom.


  1. Flash Zumba! I tried that in the Grand Canyon.....
    but was a little too close to the egde!

  2. That last one made me cringe as I've seen truck stop restrooms. *shiver*

  3. So, seriously, someone told me about when they had their baby and a mom in the room next to her... Her husband was training for a marathon and figured out that 47 laps around the unit equaled a mile. He ran 20 miles. I don't know why this made me think of that but I had to share.

  4. hahaha you so funny! thanks for your comment on my blog, nice to know I have people reading and supporting me!!!

    amanda @ cow to wow

  5. Love it. Flash Zumba sounds like fun.
    Not to sure I'd want to be using the truck stop rest rooms for stretching. Push-ups maybe, no way I'd be letting myself drop


  6. Loved your post. Having just returned from a business trip and actually packing apples and carrot sticks, I nearly wet my pants thinking about doing laps in the lobby of the hotel, doing suitcase curls and swallowing the mini bar key. Thanks for making me smile.

  7. Hahahaha! Love this post. I always get in trouble when I travel.



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