Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Signs Social Media Is Overtaking Your Life

• You’re the Mayor of Everywhere

• The only book you read is Facebook

• You can tell your entire life story in 140 characters or less

• You have a high tolerance for poking

• You spend a lot of time worrying about being unfollowed and unfriended

• You retweet in your sleep

• You spend more time in a chatroom than in your bedroom

• You fire off 100 tweets before breakfast (including ones about what you’re having for breakfast)

• You get a Google Alert anytime anything happens anywhere

• Your laugh has become an actual LOL

• Your children know that the best way to get in touch with you is to leave a comment on your blog

• You put more thought into your profile pic than you did on what college you attended

• You are :) right now

• You’ve Skyped on the toilet

• You’ve already posted a link to this post


  1. Ummm... I have done a lot of these... no skyping on the potty yet, so there must be hope!

  2. I had to step away from most social media (especially twitter) because I was just way too into it and not having a real life. =(

    I still love it, I just need to find the balance...whatever the heck that is!

  3. I find myself spending less and less time on social media. It can be fun and a source of support but the more weight I lose...the more active my "real" life seems to be in comparison.

    That said...there is ALWAYS time to read Jack Sh*t. ;)

  4. I might be addicted to social media. There is actually a funny story that I'm going to write eventually about how social media has played a part during my recent loss...it's been a mixed bag really.

  5. This is so funny... we both just tweeted about breakfast a few minutes ago!

  6. Is it wrong that I'm not sure what skype is?

  7. I love this!! I have to say I AM the winner of high tolerance poking!!!! LOL


  8. I am :) right now. But earlier I was :|. It varies - but I'm totally normal!

  9. I get sad when I lose a follower :(

    Thankfully I have stayed away from twitter so far, keeping up w my blog is time consuming enough!

  10. Phew! I'm totally good then.

  11. Always good for a laugh! And yes, I'm linking to this on my Facebook page.



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