Sunday, March 20, 2011

My *Perfect* Bracket

No weigh-in this week due to full-time college basketball watching! Go teams I only mildly dislike! You can beat the teams I hate!


  1. H2O is a #9 seed on your bracket, and you have them going to the championship game?

    Yeah, your bracket is as good as mine. I have Michigan St. in the final game.

  2. Jack, I think that must be the sorriest excuse for a non weight in I have ever heard, but I will follow that by saying you made my morning......
    put the remote down and go weight yourself MR ;-)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Jack - at first I thought that was a pedigree chart and you'd become one of genealogy nuts. Then I saw it was about sports, only when I blew the picture up it really wasn't about sports - it was about AVOIDANCE - get thee to the bathroom scales and quit screwing around.

    And go Michigan State (I just like Michigan).

  5. My hubby loves the college BB! He is not a fan of the pro stuff but loves the college watching! :-)

  6. I want to know how many people are so oblivious to the game that for a moment they thought "BLOG" was an acronym for an actual college or team. My wife would probably be on that list.
    Starting at 500 Pounds



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