Sunday, March 13, 2011

The 10% Solution

Weekly weigh-in: 221.8
Loss: -0.5
Total loss: -70.1
Emotion: Down to Business

I don’t know how it is for you, but I’m pretty satisfied with how I’m doing on this healthy living trek I’m on… about 90% of the time.

There was a time when that percentage was skewing much higher, but let’s be honest here… there was a time when it was hovering in the teens as well.

These days, I get to the gym more often than not, eat healthy meals more often than not, stay focused on my goals more often than not.

But I’ve noticed that that “not”… that 10% or so of the time when I stray off plan… is like a frayed piece of yarn on a wool sweater. You don’t think too much of it, don’t realize that taking care of it now will keep the whole thing from unraveling in the future.

I realize that staying at 100% over the long haul is probably unreasonable, but when I step back and look at the bigger picture, it’s easy to see that 90% is an agonizingly slow path back to where I started.

Momentum is a tricky thing. When you get on a good roll with this weight-loss business, you often get to the point where nothing can stop you.

When you lose control and really fall off the wagon, it can feel like you’re trying to catch back up to a runaway train.

Ten percent doesn’t seem like all that much in the grand scheme of things… but I’m going to see what I can do about squeezing that number a bit.


  1. I wrote a post about this last week. I found that 90% was not working for me. 90% does not equal weight loss for me and it was getting frustrating. Really, really frustrating. I asked myself if I should shoot for 100% for March. Or was that setting myself up for failure. It is an interesting conversation, I think... what percentage is best for each of us. But for me, it is clearly not 90%:(

  2. Goals are a necessity, but they have to be realistic. If you are trying to eat in a manner that is not sustainable over the long haul you are doomed to fail. You won't keep it up because you basically don't want to! You have to find a method that is truly something you can do forever, you know that life style change everyone is mumbling about. I know you have tried WW in the past Jack, but maybe you should take another look. For my dollar, its the most sustainable, realistic life style change there is going. Just saying!

  3. Goals are on the brain for everyone this week, it seems. I have my 'goal' post all ready to go for Tuesday, in fact. I have never been a goal person but am starting to think that I need to be. It's so easy for some, and so incredibly difficult for others. I think we just need to realize that we'll never be perfect; it's a humbling experience, really - makes me re-evaluate what I'm doing this for in the first place.

  4. I get so scared when I am off track, I worked so hard last year and I want to stay at goal! I still count my WW points, weigh my food and do my treadmill 5 days a week! It is just my lifestyle now. Eating all that crappola that got me big and kept me trapped for so many years just seems like lunacy

  5. Like fatgirlwearingthin, this has been the week for reevaluating goals! 90% doesn't work for me at all, but I'm not willing to live 100%. Sure, if I was a contestant on some reality show where somebody else planned every waking moment of my day AND provided a subsitute me to care for my family and do my job while I was out, I could adopt that 100% lifestyle.

    For now, though, I'm working on squishing that 10% down to 5%.

  6. Even on vacation!
    It's like being a Mommy.
    It's an all the time forever kind of Love!

  7. I'm so here. Being so close to goal, I need to be at 98-99% to see progress. Not easy, but worth it :)

  8. You can do this Jack! It's almost spring, and in the spring you either have to have a baby or get fit :)

  9. Weird to consider to me at this point. I can't wait till I get to switch from a no holds barred 100% to a maintenance program. I would imagine a constant weekly weigh in will do it's job while maintaining just as it does while loosing. Numbers don't lie.
    Starting at 500 pounds

  10. With being in TOPS I can only go up 3 lbs from my goal so I really try to keep myself 5 lbs below if I can. What I've found in these 15 months of maintenance is that being consistent a % of the time is a must. I really couldn't say what my percentage is but I would go with 90-95% to stay within my weight range. I think without TOPS I would let that percentage slip more. Since this is for life we do have to stay tough with ourselves so we don't allow ourselves to much permission. Guess that's why I'll be in TOPS the rest of my life. Keep strong Jack!!!

  11. This is resonating with me!!!! I look forward to getting to where you are and feeling healthy about it.

  12. 90% is great for maintenance, maybe not so great for weight loss.

    On the other hand, you had a great time in Mehico, correctamundo?

    So, it's all a big fat balancing act... literally!

  13. You are doing great Jack but I do understand what you are saying... I posted last week about the slippery slope of people that think that once they lose the weight, they can go back to eating like before or some version thereof.. BUT that is what got them heavy to begin with.

    This is a bit different than what you are saying but it is easy to eat way more than you can work off...

  14. It is hard to give 100%, 100% of the time. But is the guilt and dissatisfaction of giving less than your best, really worth it? Maybe your goal needs to be your best.
    For me, I started to wear a bracelet that reminds me why I am doing this. I needed a visual to force me to stop and think before each bite, before I decide whether to move.


  15. We are sharing a brain today! Exactly how I am thinking and feeling right now...word for word.

    Survey says: Some days a diamond, some days a stone...

    Wish I had it all together every day but I work a fulltime job and I am a mother and wife. So I am always being pulled in many directions. Great Post!!!

  16. This: "When you lose control and really fall off the wagon, it can feel like you’re trying to catch back up to a runaway train." is so true for me too! All those little deviations add up and then I suddenly realize how far I've gone and FREAK. I wish there was a magical way to stay at 100% all the time. You're working on that right??

  17. Question is, how does one forgive oneself and get back on track, instead of beating oneself up over it! Cause the guilt and the bad conscience is not particularly motivating. Quite the opposite actually - once the 10% kick in it seems so hard to get out of them.
    100% all the time is not for me. I have to be honest to myself about that - I need to break free every now and then. Rebel against myself so to say.
    Question is, how to minimize the 10% (20%, 30%) - balance them in, or do it guilt-free every now and then...

  18. Oh my god, it couldn't be more true.



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