Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Welcome to my Garbage Sale

Lady: What kind of garage sale is this anyway?

Jack: Ummmmm, it’s not a “garage sale”

Lady: But the sign down by the road…

Jack: It’s a “gar-bage sale”

Lady: Gar-bage?

Jack: Well… garbage.

Lady: So you’re selling a bunch of junk food?

Jack: That’s right!

Lady: So all those drinks on the table? Those are for sale?

Jack: Sodas, juice drinks and teas can dump hundreds of sugary calories into your day. You'll find anywhere from 12 to 22 teaspoons in just one bottle of sweetened (16 to 20 fluid ounces) of tea or soda.

Lady: What about this tube of… what is it? Cookie dough?

Jack: Whether it's cookies, croissants or biscuits, these products are tubes of highly processed ingredients and unhealthy fats.

Look… you accidentally stuck some multi-grain bread out here…

That’s a tough one. A lot of “multi-grain” breads just have a few grains mixed into regular white bread. I’ve switched to barley, brown rice, quinoa and steel-cut oats.

Lady: Reduced fat peanut butter? Surely that’s more healthy than the regular kind.

Jack: Not necessarily, and don’t call me Shirley. Actually, when companies take out the fat, they have to add something back in to make the food taste delicious. In this case, it’s lots of extra sugar—and who wants that? Instead, spread regular peanut butter on your sandwich for more of the good fats and protein without fake sweetness.

Lady: Is this rice?

Jack: Well, white rice. I’ve started skipping the refined grains and going for whole. There’s a 17% higher risk of diabetes associated with eating five or more servings of white rice per week, compared to eating white rice less than once a month.

Lady: Why are these Twinkees $20 apiece.

Jack: Hey, those are collector’s items!


  1. I had to laugh about the twinkies. I know too many people with that mentality:)

  2. I'll take a box of those Twinkies! Wouldn't you know it - the day I find the cutest cupcake recipe to make Minions from Despicable Me is the day the Twinkies died? So sad.

  3. great way to sneak in nutritional info...and great nutritional info it is!



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