Friday, December 7, 2012

Holiday Party Survival Tips

• Request that the hostess make the unhealthy food extra undelicious and the healthy food extra delicious if she doesn't mind.

• You can organize a quick game of Twister if you can find some sort of spinner and a mat that has a bunch of colored circles on it.

• Pour out the beer in your bottle and replace it with lite beer, then pour out the lite beer and replace that with water.

• Eggnog doesn't have very many calories as long as you spit it out


• If the party features one of those fabulous chocolate fountains, just run out of the house screaming.

• Don't see how many devilled eggs you can eat in an hour, Cool Hand Luke.

• If you go to party with me, a good rule of thumb is to eat less than you want, eat less than you need and eat less than me.


  1. I want to run from my own house screaming sometimes. My son just got back from Afghanistan, and will be coming home for Christmas. Of course his mama will make him lots of Christmas cookies. I am not about to let all my hard work be thrown out just because of one holiday, but it will be a form of torture to make those cookies. One thing I have found helpful is that when I go to a party, I bring something healthy even if I wasn't asked to bring anything.

    1. If it'll help, I can give you a recipe for my Mom's cookies; they're awful.

  2. I love your blog, this post was so funny.

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