Friday, December 14, 2012

A Few More Holiday Health Tips

• Replacing a cup of eggnog with a cup of cold skim milk saves 433 calories (the 343 calories of the eggnog plus the 90 calories of the cold skim milk after you spit it out in disgust and pour the rest down the drain).

• Technically, you don’t HAVE to eat the cookies your kids leave out for Santa.

• If you’re at a holiday party, stand inside one of those “Bubble Boy” bubbles to keep yourself from overdoing it at the appetizer table.

• You can make a healthy version of fruitcake by simply leaving out the “cake”.

• Ice skating burns over 400 calories per hour, so consider ice skating to work.

• When out celebrating, alternate alternate each drink with a glass of water; so if you have 75 cocktails, you should balance that out with 75 glasses of water.

• If you’re at a party, opt for the raw veggies instead of… HEY! YOU’RE NOT EVEN LISTENING TO ME, ARE YOU? COME ON!

• Christmas carol-thon.

• Trust the voice of experience: you can burn a LOT of calories running around trying to do all your Christmas shopping at Walgreen’s on Christmas Eve.


  1. Ha ha. Are you one of those husbands who hits the local drug store on Christmas Eve and Valentine's Day? My dad would always leave work at noon on Christmas Eve and hunt for my mom's kinda drove her crazy. :) Love the tips...especially the Santa's cookies one.

  2. Thank you for the professional tips which I plan to implement right after the holidays.



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