Friday, December 21, 2012

Healthy New Holiday Traditions

• Christmas caroling combined with 10K run

• Egg-substitute nog

• Banana Claus!

• Kale cut into Christmas cookie shapes

• Jingle kettlebells

• Fruitcake that doesn’t have any cake in it

• Mistletoe salad

• Raw nutcracker

• Eight maids a’lifting

• Nativity scene includes Wise Men on treadmills

• Kickboxing Day

• Gingerbread house made from melba toast, hummus and kalamata olives

Insert your own "Hide the Pickle" joke here

• Leave plate of celery sticks and carrots for Santa

• Three sets of Poinsettia-Ups

• Gather the family in the living room for It’s A Wonderful Workout


  1. You really know how to get people in the spirit, Jack!

  2. I think I a going to try a few of those!

  3. Creative uses of kale and cake-less fruitcake :)

  4. Ah, I now have a new line thanks to you! I just discovered your blog and how brilliant it is!

  5. Is that a retro Elf on the Shelf? I think my G'ma had one like that! Had to share your list on FB! I especially love the gingerbread house - that's the perfect kind for me with all of my faves! :-D



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