Monday, October 2, 2017

Mr. Eat Wiser

I’m Mister Eat Sickness.
I’m Mister Ton.
I’m Mister No Fitness
I’m Mister Three-Hundred-And-One.

They tell me Eat Wiser
Whenever I lunch,
I eat a bunch.
Munch munch munch.

He’s Mister Eat Sickness.
He’s Mister Ton.
He’s Mister No Fitness.
He’s Mister Three-Hundred-And-One.

Why won’t he Eat Wiser?
Just watch him at lunch.
Food by the bunch.
Munch munch munch.

Thank you!
I’m working hard to know a weigh
That's under sixty LB’s.
I'd rather have it eighty,
Ninety, one hundred LB’s!
Oh, some like it fit, but I like it
REALLY fit! Hee hee!

Now he's Mister Lean Sweetness.
He's Mister Run.
He's Mister No Bigness.
He's Mister Two Hundred and One.

They say I Eat Wiser,
Whatever I bite,
Fits well in my diet.
Eat just right!

Just right!



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