Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Don't Punish Yourself... That's My Job!

Confush*t Say…

… person who think he can lose weight while drinking ocean of orange soda  living in a Fanta sea.

…person who wants to look like a stud muffin should lay off the cupcakes.

…person who eats too much guac and chips should increase their ava-cardio.

…person who eats lots of lettuce finds it easier to romaine in good shape.

…person often find they gain weight by snaccident.

…person who use low sodium soy sauce on his sushi wasabi with his lower salt intake.

…person who eat plenty of fresh fruit live to ripe old age. 

…person who likes ice cream finds a little goes a wrong weigh.

…person who gets in a little sweat find it good for the swole.

…person finally gets act together when they’re thick and tired of it all.

Confush*t recognizes the importance
of good health, but always believes you
should eat ice cream if it’s sherbet day.

Confush*t's motto:
Don't sweat the petty stuff, pet the sweaty stuff
or stuff the cheesy puffs.


  1. you are so funny. I love your posts

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