Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Why I Hate Weight Loss Blogs (Including This One)

Why oh why do I hate weight loss blogs?

Let me tell you…

It’s all me-me-me. These types of blogs tend to get bogged down in day-to-day minutiae. “I ate a grapefruit half.” “I completed the second part of the third day of C25K.” “I accidentally ate a bag of corn chips.” Keeping up with your life is wearing me down, even though I can admit that I am often encouraged by the strength, determination and spirit shown by others.

They’re too rah-rah-rah. Inspirational phrases, usually accompanied by a photograph of some gene-gifted superfreak athlete scaling a 375° rocky incline, is pleasant enough, but those kind of things seldom galvanize me as much posting the results of a successful weigh-in.

Results may vary. Some of the bloggers whose stories I follow have had limited success; others have seen life-changing transformations. I can’t recognize what makes one person’s journey so ordinary and another’s so extraordinary and wonder why I often get as much out of the former as the latter.

People don't mind their own business. Readers engage, offering tough love or a gentle pat on the back. They cheer you on, pick you back up, put a smile on your face and help put a little extra fuel in your tank.

They hold me accountable. When I’m blogging and/or engaged in other’s blogs, I find my health focus is sharper and I’m generally a little more committed to the task at hand.

Those reasons – and lots of others – are why I love weight loss blogs.


  1. Welcome back, Jack! Ha, I am so lame, I couldn't wait to say that. Anyway. My blog can't be a traditional weight loss blog because my mother-in-law reads it, and comments to me about what I eat, In Real Life. Plus, if I were to write about every single time I ate something I shouldn't, or re-started my New Way Of Life, or as they used to say, Diet, it would get old fast. BTW, I restarted today:) Again.


  2. Ahh you got me at the end there. I actually had to scroll back up to re-read the title because I was like, "wait a minute...I thought he said he...ohhh I see."

  3. Love-hate....hahaha So true! Welcome back!!! YAY!

  4. Yay - you're back!!! I've missed you!!!

  5. Yep I have a problem with the me, me, me on my blog. I can't help it! I'm the most interesting person I know!

    Welcome back Jack!

  6. I'm all me me me. It even bores me sometimes. (But not often.)

  7. Nice to see you back, Jack!

  8. Loving the new layout! (Welcome back!!!)

  9. I'm new to your blog--slowly trolling through your least sh*tty posts and such. Glad to see you back, though!

  10. Welcome back jack, yes we love you !

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  12. You forgot to add other bloggers constantly asking to be added to your blogroll! It's good to see you are still around, I'm starting over again, but I used to really enjoy your posts.
    PS - Can I get on your blogroll?

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