Saturday, September 20, 2014

I Am Fighting a Losing Battle

Some days, I stay focused.

I make it a point to get in some exercise and make it my plan to eat right.

And I lose weight.

Some days, I stray.

I move less than I ought to and eat more than I should.

And I lose ground.

Some days, I meander.

I do just enough to stay in place

And I lose a little time.

Lose weight.

Lose ground.

Lose time.

It’s a losing battle.


  1. Keep fighting. Keep blogging. It isn't over until we're dead.

  2. it is a losing battle that we win, lose and stay the same :)

  3. It is a losing battle. Here's to all of us being a bunch of big losers!

  4. Here's my sage advice: lose more weight than ground.

  5. Two steps forward, one step still a step ahead. ;)

  6. OK, I've got to get back to the fight myself, travel indulgences do not help one win at losing! Thanks for the inspiration.



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