Monday, September 29, 2014

Cascade Ice Baby!

Yo, SHT, Let's kick it!

Cascade Ice Baby!
Cascade Ice Baby!

All right stop,
And listen to ol’ Jacky.
I’m back with a review for a PR flacky.
Somebody knows that I’m such a big cheapskate,
Love free stuff like I won some kind of sweepstakes.
What’s in the package? Yo – I don't know.
Hope it’s that Samsung GearFit Pro!
Grab up the box, and I rip it like a wolverine.
What? A bottle of water that’s flavored like a tangerine?

Water! It’s a bunch of bottled waters!
Hmm, better hide it
From my wife and my daughters.

Zero! That’s the number of the calories.
Sugar-free, you see, so you won’t get lotsa cavities.
I’m thinkin’ you’ll love it and you won’t gain weight.
A sparkling organic water that tastes really great!
You’re gonna wanna try it, that’s what I’m thinkin’.
Check out the hook while I gets back to drinkin’…

Cascade Ice Baby!
Cascade Ice Baby!
Cascade Ice Baby!
Cascade Ice Baby!

USDA Certified Organic
No calories, no sweeteners, no sodium

Made with premium water, carbonation and
USDA Certified Organic fruit essences, extracts and oils.



  1. In my world Cascade is dishwasher detergent. I was concerned reading your song that you are drinking soap and enjoying it.

  2. I've never heard of these, but then, I don't usually look at the flavored water products. I always figured that if it's not Co-Cola, it might as well be water, and if it's going to be water, why make it taste like fruit? Maybe if I actually like fruit, I'd have seen it.

    Thanks for the ear worm, though! That's going to be in my head all day!



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