Sunday, September 28, 2014

Gorge of the Jungle

"Cheetah, beer me!"

"I can't believe you've got that monkey bringing your lazy ass alcoholic beverages, Jackzan," frowned Jane.

"I tried to teach him to make banana dacquairis, but they were a little too banana-y."

"You used to be so fit," complained Jane. "Remember how you used to swing on vines through the forest?"

"Well, why'd we buy that Little Rascal if you didn't want me using it?"


"Look," said Jackzan. "I don't want to argue about who did or didn't agree or not agree about what we should or shouldn't buy or not buy..."

"We've known each other for a long time," smiled Jane. "I just know that you look and feel better when you're at a healthier weight. For God's sake, Simba the elephant collapsed the other day when you tried to ride her."

"Okay," said Jackzan, standing up and stretching. "C'mon, Cheetah. We're going for a swim."

"Ummmm, Jackzan?"


"Your loin cloth is showing an awful lot of loin."


  1. Heehee, thanks for the giggle!
    Is this based off a conversation you may, or may not have had with your wife? : ) Jane has some wise words there when she reminds Jackzan that he looks and feels better at a healthier weight.

    Now if only I had a Jane to remind me of that!

  2. Hey Jack,
    This is really funny

    Keep it up



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