Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Healthy-Living Health Tips for College Students in College

• Use my secret recipe for “Cola Water” (half cola, half water); it’s got half the sugar and calories as regular cola!

• You can make sure that you get plenty of sleep each week by researching and scheduling the most uninteresting classes taught by the most boring professors.

• You can turn your dorm bed into an exercise trampoline by… well… just by jumping on it, I guess.

• Replace frat-party beer keg with vat of fresh-squeezed carrot juice.

• Choose whole-wheat crust for your breakfast pizza.

• Streaking burns over 750 calories per hour.

• Build strong arm muscles by taking an astrophysics class; have you seen the size of that textbook?

• Get your heart rate to maximum level by running up and down 20 flights of stairs or forgetting to study for your midterm exams.

• Alternate wheatgrass and tequila shots.

• Try eating fresh healthy food and getting plenty of exercise instead of what you normally do.


  1. I was a master at the third last one...

  2. I had no idea streaking burnt so many calories! hmm....

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  4. What about college students not in college?

  5. If I had known college was this much fun I would have gone.

  6. I think I need to go back - mine was nothing like that! :)

  7. My daughter is now in college. Well, not anymore as I just pulled her out after reading here of her shenanigans. She'd better not be getting enough sleep.

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