Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Even More Healthy Super Bowl Party Ideas

• Chin-ups & dip

• Every time a team scores, everybody does 5-minute touchdown dance

• Six-pack of beets

• Put TV on a spinning turntable so everyone has to keep moving to watch game

• Truvia Trivia (game with questions about “Nature’s Calorie-Free Sweetener”)

• Swedish wheatballs

• Homemade Doritos made out of kale

• Tofu-tball… no it’s not what you think… it’s a football made out of tofu. What? That’s what you thought it was? Damn, are you some kind of psychic?

• Buffalo Wings made from genuine buffalo

• Instead of 7-Layer Dip, try 6-Layer Dip… that’s 14% less layer

• Halftime half-marathon


  1. Just stumbled on your blog! Enjoying it!

  2. The touchdown dance is actually a great idea!

  3. You must have salt at your house to be able to make those cheese puffs. Jealous!

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  5. When you are on diet you just have to avoid all the delicious things be it healthy but high calorie intake will result a hole in your diet plans so better avoid it for time being.

  6. I just did a post about a 47-layered dip I found online. This post is the antitheses of that lol.

  7. I'm thinking a few of these foods will need to make my Super Bowl party!

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  9. Wait, I have a better idea. Skip the football altogether! Spend that time laughing at all your posts! Great ab workout.

  10. Kale chips? I'll pass on those. ;)
    Thanks for the laugh.

  11. I had Kale Chips and BEETS this week. Let's just say it was a bit shocking to look in the toilet and see red. YES, I went there!!!! Healthy eating hazard!



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