Sunday, May 20, 2012

Losing Ass And Taking Names

I make no bones about it: blogging has been an instrumental part in my getting-more-healthy plans.

I get more than my fair share of support from the masses with fat asses, so I like to return the favor when I can.

So… tell me about you and your blog (if you have one). Where are you on your journey? Any big (or little) successes along the way that you'd care to share? What setback (or speed bump) is slowing you down?

And thanks again for supporting me the way you do (if you do) and for helping keep me interested in what I’m trying to do.

I found another gear, baby  (unfortunately, it's "neutral")


  1. Seriously? I'm a fat ass????????

    1. Hello Jack. I love your blog, and I suppose I am one in the masses of fat asses. My story: I wasn't always fat. I looked fab at my high school prom way back in 1982. Then I got married and started having kids, and having kids, and having kids. Sixteen of them. (and I can't not count Robert, who was stillborn). My youngest is four years old. Last year at a dr. appointment for my incessant heartburn, I also found out I had high blood pressure. Enough was enough! I changed my life that day. The switch went on, and I smartened up. It hasn't been easy, (I lost another baby, and had my gallbladder removed this year). But I feel so much better! I still have fifty or so pounds to lose, but I am not giving up! My blood pressure is normal now, no more heartburn, my knees don't ache the way they used to. I still long for cake, and have a crush on chocolate. Saying, "No, Thank you." is very painful sometimes. I don't always...or ever...feel like exercising. But I do. Somehow. And blogs like yours help so much! I am NOT the kind of person who can be successful at this, yet...somehow, it is working, ever so - thank you for your blog!!!


  2. I think you know where I live :-)

    I'm just now getting over a slump (hormonally related) that set me back starting several months ago. When things get out of whack my body becomes painful and my appetite increases beyond "normal." Now that I addressing that imbalance (by tweaking my dosage and frequency of bioidentical progesterone cream) I am feeling MUCH better. I'm back to working out with kettlebells and my appetite isn't overruling my brain.

    I was actually thinking that you might benefit from getting your hormones checked because men "of a certain age" go through some changes of their own that can greatly impact health and the ability to lose weight. :-) People often think they have to "control" their appetite. In a normal, healthy body, one's appetite does not need to be controlled.

  3. Hi. My blog can be found here...

    I am now down 20 lbs from my highest weight. I don't like to talk about pounds lost because as an "always trying to lose weight woman" I would guess that I have lost hundreds of pounds. What I am not good at is losing a lot in one "period of really trying" and then keeping it off for any length of time.

    A year ago I lost about 30 lbs, then got a much of migraines and depression and gained it all back.

    So now I am back. I no longer have depression, take no medications, and have only the occasional migraine. What I am finding is that the key for me is to think strong. If I have my head in the game I will succeed. Oh ya, and eating better and moving more. But it is definitely a head game for me. I am seriously committing to blogging after you and others type about how helpful it is.

    Hope to see you around my blog if it is of interest to you.

  4. I used to be K_The_Phoenix, but now I am I was successful a loooong time ago, but managed to surpass my highest weight and achieve 304 pounddom (yes, it's a word). Thanks to my fabulous friend Carb Tripper, I adopted the low carb (Atkinsish) way of life. Down 38 pounds, 45 inches and counting.

    I finally found what works and doesn't work for me. I am also gluten and grain free which CHANGED my life.

    Keep on truckin' Jack!

  5. Well, this 'fat ass' can be found here -
    I spent about 18 years trying to get back my previous slim self, then I spent a couple of years convincing myself that I was happy with my current weight and I actually looked fine - I am now beginning the process of trying to lose the pounds I found in those last few years.
    I've just talked myself into buying the Insanity workout so that little adventure should be .....erm......painful!
    I also run, though I hate it, and have signed up for a 10k in September.
    I have Narcolepsy and Fibromyalgia and suffer from depression which I refer to as my Black Dog. I'm working through the depression though and tbh I can control it pretty much most of the time now.

    I've followed your blog since I started my own weightloss blog (follow me too if you fancy it!). I like your humour and think it was the expletives that first attracted me to the blog lol. Plus what a cool blog name!


  6. My name is Tamara and I blog. My blog started out as a weight loss blog and lo and behold, three years later it is still a weight loss blog. Go figure. You've dropped by and commented a couple of times. It was a rock star moment for me. Kind of like the time I helped Keifer Sutherland get rid of his hiccups.

  7. have you considered shaving the beard to help jump-start tomorrow's weigh-in? sometimes all you need is a little positive motivation (also clip toenails and give yourself a flowbie haircut to increase the weight loss)!

  8. You know all about me Jack.. :-) Keep at it & I will continue fighting these friggin age related woman hormones!

  9. I don't often comment , but I've been reading for a few years. Sometimes we personally need to lighten up on this whole issue, but we just can't.

    But this is the place to start. Sometimes I've thought the posts a bit harsh, sometimes perfect , and sometimes I just laugh my ass off. Literally. Mostly I come here when I'm really down and know I need to lighten up! (full o' puns today)

    I've been blogging for a few years, but didn't start till I'd already lost 100 pounds. I restricted down 35 more pounds and now have yoyo'd up another 50. I'm working on it, truly. Can't not. The menopause is upon me. Started at 345 lbs. Dieted to 210. Now in the 250's. Gots to get lower, but I think I'm more realistic about goals. It's all relative.

    I'm Pj geek and blog at Pjs and Pounds: Food Addict/ Pj Geek .
    It's 1 pm and I'm in my pink Eyore pajamas as I write this, today's post was a preachy overview of the The Weight of The Nation documentary. I will get up and shake my arse today.

  10. It seems like I've been on this weight loss endeavor my entire life although I have pictures to prove I wasn't always lugging around so much extra baggage. I made significant progress when I got laid off in November '09 and managed to lose 101 pounds by the time I went back into the work force in September 2011. Unfortunately I managed to regain 25 of those pounds so I'm still trying to figure it out. It seems so much easier when the only job I had was to get my ass to the gym every day. Now that I have to squeeze 40+ hours at a desk job it's not as easy to get the pounds off and keep them from finding me again when I do manage to lose them. Time to get out of neutral and into the fast lane.... Vrooom.....

  11. I finally let go of my hate jack. That was my final speed bump. Now it's all a game of "nope, you can't eat that...not if you want to lose weight." And we both know what that is like, don't we. We'll get there.

  12. My blog is www.blogby I've lost 101 pounds over the last 2 1/2 years using Weight Watchers, running & lots of time in group fitness classes at the gym. As long as I can maintain my current weight until this Thursday I will become a lifetime member at Weight Watchers. I dig reading your blog because it's more than a little off kilter and that's what I look for.v

  13. Hi my name is Jess and I'm a fat ass ;)
    My blog is but I used to blog at made it private due to some haters. Stuff them.
    I'm still 20kg from where I would like to be, but also 20kg from the start. So I guess that's halfway right?
    My speed bump was getting sick a few years ago with pancreatitis. I wrecked my pancreas which no longer produces digestive enzymes. I have been malnourished for almost all of those three years and have done some serious damage to my metabolism.
    But now that I know, I can fix it. So I am getting there :)

  14. I'm Meredith, blogger at . Like most of us, I'm a work in progress. That's what my blog is all about, though; there is always room for improvement, something new to try, a way to switch it up.

    Personally, right now, I'm trying to buckle down on my snacking. I'm focusing on eating for health, in both the quality of the ingredients that I put into my body as well as the quantity and timing of my meals and snacks, trying to eat when I'm hungry and stop before I get 'stuffed'. I'm learning a bit better what makes my body tick and what makes it feel sluggish, and I'm starting to see some improvements :)

    Keep up the good work and sharing your journey! Big or small, we can all support each other.

  15. I blog at I am getting close to goal weight I have about 6 pounds to go to my original goal. When I hit it I will go get the bod pod testing to see where my lean body mass is at to see if that is where I want to maintain. I work a strict 12 step program around and so I commit the food I list on my blog everyday to my sponser and I weigh and meassure all my food so it is exactly what I eat. My big success today is that I stopped by my folks house and my Dad called me skinny. He has never done that before. My speedbump is that now that I am this far in my journey I have cleared away all the wreakage of my past. I have made ammends with all the people I have harmed I have to look at my self everyday and ask some really hard questions to maintain my spiritual fitness. I used to eat over everything.. the world and its people piss me off a lot and in the past my response to it is I pick up food. I celebrated everything with food. I have to let go of the anger. I have to allow the event I am celebrating be sweet enough not to pick up the food.

  16. After spending years of trying but yo-yoing, I finally got my act together last September. I've lost 67 pounds and have 74 to go. I blog at

    The thing that cut the string on my yo-yo was the day last September when I wrote my goal for the month: "I will choose to be happy. I will not worry about whether others are happy with me. I will do my best and then not feel guilty."

    Also, it was a GOD thing because if I could have done it on my own, I would have done it years ago. He touched my mind and changed my warped thinking about nutrition and health.

    I love your blog, btw.

  17. mimi here. so excited to find your blog. your kick ass attitude is so inspiring. just starting out. as in, met with nutritionist and some grocery shopping today. i am at the very beginning of my journey (342). love your progress. watch us go!

    1. I am now a huge fan of your blog and look forward to following your progress. You are truly an inspiration.

  18. Carrie at
    I'm almost to the middle of my journey - 30 lbs down, 45 to go. My biggest successes as of late: running my first 5k and losing weight ON vacation!
    Setback? Hmm... I used to think about not following a plan to the tee was a setback, but now I know that actually trying to do that and feeling like I'm failing is what sets me back. Now that I've discovered that I can't restrict myself, just have to make small changes along the way, that things'll stick. I'm on a non-diet! ;-)

    Thanks for your humor. It always makes my day! Cheers~

  19. I'm just getting started with losing weight and blogging. After having a baby seven months ago, I began gaining even more weight, had absolutely no energy, and my body hurt all over.

    My doctor's diagnosis is fibromyalgia, which I just started treatment for last week. I'm already feeling better, so hopefully, I can start losing the weight I've gained - 65 pounds will put me back where I started.

    My other setback is abdominal and pubic bone separation from the pregnancy. I ripped part of my abdominal muscle and had to wait six months for it to heal before trying to work on the separation.

    It's been rough, but I'm ready. I'm starting my exercise program this week.

  20. I'm Lynn and I blog here: I've lost 20lbs so far. I hit a road block last week, actually. I hit my proverbial wall. I go and go and go and quit. Every.Freaking.Time. Max is usually about 8 weeks. But, since I have started blogging and reading all these awesome, encouraging, inspirational blogs, I think I can get past that wall this time. Plus, having a good support system here at work and at home (my son is home for the summer from college and he and I are running together), I think I can work through it. I don't comment often, but I read your blog every day :)

  21. I'm Angela Pea and I blog at

    I used to be a fat-ass, but not any more. I lost 67 pounds, and am now fit and strong. I'd like to lose a few more pounds, say about 10, but I'm not going to cry if I don't. I'm in the clothing size I want to be, and I'm getting plenty of exercise. I've taken up mountain biking and some serious weight lifting. Since I'll soon pass the half century mark, I figured that I'd just get a head start on staving off the osteoporosis before it gets me.

    My setbacks? My own arrogance in thinking I can eat like our teenage sons without care or portioning. Nope. The aging metabolism doesn't work that way for me any more, nor for Mr. Pea, either. ;) Another setback for me is getting sidetracked by the number on the scale. That lifting weights thing? It will put a few pounds back on you. I was bummed when that first happened, but then realized that even though I was gaining a little bit, the body was still shrinking.

    My WIDTH from eons ago was about being skinnier than my younger sister. I'm thrilled to tell you that yes, I am now way skinnier than she is!!

  22. I'm Thea and I blog over at

    While the rest of me has shrunk, I do consider my ass to be the fattest part of me. Thanks so much for pointing that out, jerk.

    My current setback is that I'm dealing with a broken toe and the lovely post-op shoe I now wear because of it. It's seriously wreaking a lot more havoc than I thought it would and I'm having a little trouble dealing with the side effects.

  23. I don't have a blog but I am seriously enjoying yours. Masses with fat asses is too funny.

  24. My blog is nowhere near as amazing as yours, but I suppose that's to be expected. I just started blogging like a week ago, and my biggest obstacle is that I have isthmic spondylolisthesis and cannot stand for more than five minutes without being in considerable pain. Man, I should have worked out and lost weight back when I could still walk!

    Still, I've lost 5 lbs through changing my eating habits and through doing chair yoga, using dumbbells, and using resistance bands.



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