Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fitness Center Conversation Starters. Fool!

• "Did you know that piece of equipment  was invented by a woman named Ellie Liptical?"

• "Whatever you do, never hire a personal trainer who doesn't have a torso."

• "I'm pretty sure that guy on the rowing machine used to be a professional rower."

• "Do you think if a treadmill track was covered with sandpaper it would feel like you were walking on the beach?"

• "Let me know if I start belting out show tunes too loudly."

• "I don't get it; I did 20 minutes on the stationary treadmill and never broke a sweat."

• "I bet you can't guess what's in my water bottle. I'll give you a hint: most people consider it a condiment."

• "Don't you love the way spandex makes your gluteus feel less maximus?"

• "When I first started working out, I couldn't lift 10 pounds... and now I can."

• "Call me crazy, but I think if something's called a 'kettle bell' you should either be able to ring it or make tea with it."

Weekends are my waterloo. 


  1. HAPPY MOM'S DAY TO YOUR LOVELY WIFE. Hope you are treating her special & no need to for you to celebrate with food too - it is her day! ;-)

    Jack, I love ya but you know people can put back on all the weight they lost during the week on a weekend. As we age, even harder. We can treat but all weekend or a lot both days just cancels out all the hard work from the week...

    I am such a downer, aren't I!!! ;-)



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