Wednesday, December 21, 2011

You're Beginning to Look a Lot Like a Fatass

You’re beginning to look a lot like a fatass.
Ev’rything you eat
Is fried in bacon grease, portions tend to increase.

How long has it been since you could see your feet?

You’re beginning to look a lot like a fatass.
Snackin’ at ev’ry turn,
But the craziest thing you do is eat until you spew.

Won’t you ever learn? 

One day you looked in the mirror and saw things much clearer.
A change just had to be made.
Now you’re eating much better and are now a sweat sweater
It’s a healthy living crusade.
Now you can hardly wait to get your chunky bottom weighed.

You’re beginning to look a lot less like a fatass.

Ev’ryday you go,
To the gym and do some lunges and eat some healthy lunches.
It’s amazing how you’ve done it, don’t you know.

You no longer look so much like a fatass.
Your pants aren’t way too tight.
You’ve gotten much, much thinner since you don’t eat two suppers for dinner,
And stuck to your diet.
You no longer look at all like a fatass.

You’re finally on your way.
And the thing that makes you smile, makes the whole ordeal worthwhile:

Each day’s a brand new day.
It’s a new one, starting today.


  1. MMMM.... I do love me some bacon!
    Thank goodness it doesn't put me on Santa's "bad" list!

  2. Impressive song writing! But, can you sing?

  3. Oh my gosh. Only you could get away with a title like this! I am glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read it.

  4. I thought this was a guest post by SUE when I clicked over! :-)

    only you .... just as Lyn said.

  5. Every day is a new day to do your best!!!

    I am old & loving your video clip.. got the volume LOUD!!! Love Peanuts too! :-)



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