Sunday, December 18, 2011

Why I Blog the Way I Blog

Weekly weigh-in: 249.5
Loss: -6.5
Total loss: -42
Emotion: Jacked up

I don’t blog like most weight loss warriers, sharing my menus and workout routines. Oh, I have menus and workout routines. Don’t believe I don’t have them! I HAVE THEM!

I just find them incredibly… boring.

When I’m rolling along, I’ll go weeks at a time eating the same breakfasts and lunches, maybe changing my exercise routines up slightly but maybe not at all. It is the opposite of fascinating.

But here’s the thing: I’m in for the long haul, or at least that’s what I tell myself.

So… for me, blogging is about staying engaged in what I’m doing.

If I write a post about silly weigh-in tricks (never eat any black cat on your weigh-in day, jump on when the scale’s not looking, skip your pre-weigh-in snack), it’s not because I think weighing in is silly; it’s because if I’m weighing in on anything weight- or health-related, my mind’s in the game.

So, I’m back getting after it. I’m eating a little less, eating a little better, exercising every day. I’m blogging the silliness out of my system and taking a no-nonsense approach to my health.

That’s what works for me.

What works for you?


  1. What works for me is posting about my food and exercise. I won't be weighing in until February 3, so it would be a long time between posts.

    I do like to read about what people eat and what they do for exercise...maybe you could toss up your food one random day...just for my enjoyment. LOL!

    Congratulations on your big loss!!! Keep it rollin'!

  2. I like to post new healthy recipes and menu ideas, as well as weigh ins and ruminations. I am not as clever as you are in the humor department though :)

  3. I really enjoy your sheer silliness and find it motivating for me to check in regularly. I write by topic, which includes what I'm eating and doing, but I don't post that every day. In fact, I don't post anything every day, though I'm always plaiting my next post in my head.

    I'm so happy to see you back on track. Now is the time to buckle down and beat the Christmas rush!

  4. What works for me is just to blog about whatever is on my mind. Posting my food, calories, and all the particulars doesn't do it for me.

  5. Like you, I don't post food, calories, and food photos, except on rare occasions. I post mostly about what's going on and how I'm feeling, because those things have the most impact on my weight loss program.

    BTW, I enjoyed your Italy posts, because we're traveling there next October. Very interesting and insightful!

  6. I like to bitch and moan; that usually works for me.

  7. I feel the same way about blogging about training. There are only so many ways you describe heavy breathing and sweating uncontrollably.

    My running mates and I have agreed not to violate the sanctity of the running confessional. Long run conversations about butts and bras whos zooming who will never make the pages of blogspot or dailymile.

    So what's that leave? Observations of human spirit and drunken tweets.

  8. Every week I post about my week on a Meme I call "Friday Fitness". It has motivational images, what I am aiming to do the coming week, advice and of course my stats for the week. This week I was shocked as they were slightly up. More exercise needed as my food intake has been relatively healthy.

    I love your approach it is different to every other weightloss blog out there. It sets you apart! I love popping in and reading your funnies. Keep it up! (I like your little stats up the top - its an intro to where you are and how you are feeling!

    Love it all Jack, Keep it up!

  9. My blog is really a personal journal that I let other people read. I pour a lot of my fears and emotions into it, and explore the relationship I have with food with that as a lens. I write a bit about my personal life, particularly with stresses I'm experiencing. I write for an audience of me, really, when it's all said and done. But I'm glad to share it and know that what I write is read by others.

    What I've gotten from this exercise is insight, both from within and from my mighty readers. I don't expect that The Jogging Clydesdale will ever be as well read as some others, but I am pleased with what I have and what I do there.

  10. boring?
    tell us how you really feel! :-)

  11. Glad you are back to it Jack! Small steps with CONSISTENCY & PATIENCE lead to long term results! Me, eat healthy, exercise every week consistently, portion control & knowing what I am putting in my body, always learning!

  12. Apparently, not much works for me right now. I quickly lost 26# at the beginning of 2011, but have been plateaued since mid-July. I did win a bodybugg in October and love it, but haven't seen much difference in the scale. I might be going about it all wrong, but I'm just going to be happy not to gain any weight through the holidays.

    Glad you're getting back on track with us.

  13. I'm a big fan Jack, you go guy !!!!

  14. Sh*t yeah, I'm glad you're back in the game, Jack!

    I just got back to losing weight again after a 6 month hiatus from dieting (and a gain of 40 lbs). Feels good to be taking my health seriously again. I actually look forward to stepping on the scale in the mornings!

    Thanks for being an inspiring and encouraging blogger who never gives up. It means a lot knowing you're out there fighting the good fight.

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