Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Few More Holiday Health Tips

• When you're at a holiday party, one way to keep from overindulging in to lock yourself in the bathroom and play Angry Birds on your phone for three hours.

• Instead of eggnog, how about egg substitute-nog?

• You can make healthy "candy canes" by twirling lines of mushed beet paste around stalks of celery.

• If you're at a zombie holiday party, and you see a gelatinous mold in the shape of a brain, don't just assume it's Jell-O.

• Don't fill your coat pocket with ranch dressing even if it makes for more convenient dipping.

• You can burn a load of calories by going to the mall on Christmas Eve and doing all your holiday shopping.

• Print out my blog and carry it around with you at all times in case you find yourself requiring an inspirational lift.


  1. I have an allergy to walnuts and Brazil nuts, so I just imagine all baked goods have them...works well for me.

    Now...if I can just convince myself I have an allergy issue with nacho cheese dip and chicken wings, then I'd really have something going for me.

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