Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's On!

It’s on.

It’s on like white on rice.

It’s on like brown on... ummmm... brown rice.

It’s on like LeBron eatin’ a prawn with Grey Poupon on.

It’s on like James Caan readin’ The Gospel according to John.

It’s on like Vince Vaughn doing a remake of the movie Tron.

It’s on like Little John twirling a baton in The Gulf of Oman.

It’s on like Don Juan and that chick wearing the chiffon from The Black Swan.

It’s on like Genghis Khan playing ping pong versus Donkey Kong.

I’m telling you, it’s on.


  1. I feel it, man. Please don't subscribe to calendar or gain regret of any kind. Behind you, my friend. I LOVE your attitude. Now, you're armed with knowledge, experience, and valuable insights you might not have considered before...and now, I can't wait to experience you and laugh, smile, and love it all the way. You're incredible. I would love to see Vince Vaughn in a remake of Tron. I hope Hollywood has your blog on their radar. Great idea!!! ;)

  2. Go man Go! It's on like Tebow and the 4th quarter! lol.

  3. I am on with you. There is no sense in "waiting" until the New Year while stuffing ourselves with cookies. May as well get this thing turned around NOW.

    You can do it, Jack.

  4. IT IS ON or I am coming to get you! :-)



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