Monday, December 12, 2011

The Long Slide

Man, this is a tough post to write…

I wish I could say that was because someone had reprogrammed my computer keyboard so that all the letters were in different places…

Speaking of which, did you know that there’s an alternative keyboard layout to the traditional “QWERTY” one? It’s called “Dvorak” (named after educational psychologist and professor of education August Dvorak).

Apparently, the QWERTY keyboard was designed in the 1870’s to actually slow down typists due to mechanical limitations of early typewriters. By contrast, the Dvorak  keyboard was designed with emphasis on comfort, high productivity and ease of learning.

As you can see, the Dvorak keyboard has the most-used consonants on the right side of the home row, and the vowels on the left side of the home row. It’s set up to facilitate keying in a back-and-forth motion -- (right hand, then left hand, then right, etc.) which makes typing quicker, easier and safer (you’re less likely to suffer carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive motion injuries).
But I’m getting off track…

And getting off track is exactly what I seem to have been doing the last few months.

It started when my wife Anita informed me that our scale … my precious scale… was 10+ pounds off. Ten pounds off? You mean, it’s saying you’re ten pounds heavier than you really are?

Of course not…

I accepted the new number, but didn’t recognize it on my blog. I’ll knock that ten pounds off before I officially weigh in again, I told myself (which is the kind of thinking that usually gets a person in trouble).

So there I was, oh-so busy and traveling all over creation during October, then busy and… ummmm… slacking off in November. And December started kind of the same as I was blogging about Italy instead of focused on making some headway on my health and weight loss goals.

But here’s the deal: it wasn’t an off-kilter scale’s fault, wasn’t the vacation or the holiday’s fault, wasn’t even those evil Italian gelato vendors’ fault.

It was just a breakdown on the accountability front.

I may not be able to fix all my weight-related issues in the blink of an eye, but I can damn well be more accountable easily enough.

I usually wait until the weekend to weigh in, but somebody told me that there’s no time like the present…


Weekly weigh-in: 256.00
Loss: Are you kidding me?
Total loss: -35.5
Emotion: Ready, Willing and (Hopefully) Able

Here’s to doubling-down on the commitment front, to recognizing problems then taking steps to correct them… and to fresh starts.


  1. Oh Jack, I'm sorry. I wish I could wave a magic wand & fix it for both of us and we'd be right back where we were instead of where we are...
    Thank you for fessing up. It actually makes it a little easier on my mental state knowing I'm not the only one.

  2. If you are ready and willing, you are *definitely* able!

    I'm on a fresh start too! Have a GREAT week!

  3. Honesty first. Weigh loss does not come AND stay without the honesty. Thank you for being honest.

    Jane at

  4. The good news is that you get to subscribe to the Wall Street Journal and then immediately cancel it again!

    You know how to do this man.

    I got yer back.

    Now do work.

  5. I'll call on that double down....same boat ....different lake!

  6. Jack, my friend--Let it go, put it behind you--and realize and appreciate the incredible insight you've gained over the course of your journey. This entire "transformation stuff," is all about learning and growing---and that's exactly what you're doing. NO--not growing physically, that's not what I meant--You know what I mean, my friend. These very real changes have never been or should ever be, a temporary diversion of our natural selves---it can't be, or we quickly return to our natural unchanged state as soon as something comes along and disrupts the activities of our intense focus. But I challenge you to look beyond the goal of losing weight--or getting back to a certain weight. If you shift your most intense focus from the fundamentals you've already mastered and onto the underlying issues driving the need, desire, willingness to gravitate toward what you fear---then, oh wow--Suddenly, you'll start evolving --transforming so naturally and beautifully---and it will happen in a way you can't sure as the sun rises in the East. And then, pretty little birds follow you wherever you go, singing a happy little song--and people roll their eyes and stomachs from your obvious joy--not because they don't like you--Because, everybody LOVES Jack--some will do it, because they deeply want what you have, what you embody in your good choices and resolve to choose your transformation in a most dramatic, yet relaxed fashion. Jack--I'm a HUGE fan of yours, and always have been. And I'll always be in awe of your incredible talents. You're in a league of very few, the bigs my friend. The laughter and insight you've shared has positively affected countless lives, far beyond your listed "followers" list. You're an amazing light--a wonderful reminder of the importance, the crucial importance of laughter in a World where people commonly take themselves WAYYYYY too seriously, too much of the time. A time and place for everything, for sure. And with that said--this comment is way too long. Perhaps more appropriate as a personal email.

    My best always--and it's an honor to have your incredible words published in the first few pages of my upcoming book.

    Take care, Jack--You're simply the best.

  7. Odd that same thing happened to me in that I decided to reconcile my home scale with the doctor's scale (which told me I was 5 pounds heavier than at home). I haven't fully accepted it yet (hence my blog weigh-ins now say they've been adjusted to match the doc's scale). But I'm sure I'll be happier next time I go to the doctor and the scale says the same thing as home. pfft, scales.

  8. My scale was 10 pounds off from the one at CrossFit.
    That's ok. Back on track.
    Every day Jack. Every single day is Day One!

  9. It's not my scale that's defective, it's definitely the doctor's scale. You'd think that with what doctors charge, they'd be able to afford an accurate scale. What is the world coming to?

  10. There was a long water slide in Italy? I am confused.

  11. Oh, and one more thing. I am going to guess that Anonymous is the awesome Sean Anderson. I know this because I am halfway through his comment.

  12. It has been a bumpy ride Jack, but I have faith that you will be back in the game and back to losing in no time.

  13. Well, Gelato is pretty damn good.

  14. Perfection is highly overrated. Kindness, however, is not.

    By combining a deliciously wicked sense of humor with a savvy ability to teach, inspire and motivate, you’ve shown kindness and have helped many in the weight loss community.

    Since I believe we reap what we sow, you’re due for some positive payback. No matter what your current weight, or how much you’ve backslid diet-wise, there’s no way you won’t reach your goals and achieve success and happiness. :)

  15. Jack, I'm sorry. makes me feel a whole lot better that even the famous Jack Sh*t has trouble maintaining his weight. I love your do not give up attitude.

  16. I feel your pain. My scale is also weight 10# heavy, only it's because I've gained back 10#s, all for many of the same reasons. Lack of accountability, getting lazy, yadda yadda yadda. Good thing we get to push that reset button whenever we need to.

  17. Jack...after last year's record low of 163, I ballooned back to 215ish...and now back at can and will find onederland again.

  18. There are so many insightful comments in today's blog - your post, Jack, and the comments, too.

    You said "a breakdown on the accountability front" - That's what I'm afraid of and, you saying it, just brings the importance of not having 'a breakdown on the accountability front' more in focus for me.

    Anne H commented - "Every single day is Day One". Boy, did I ever need to hear that! I'm going to make a sign of that for above my desk.

    And Angela Pea commented - "Time to Suck It Up Buttercup". LOL! After an extremely whiny day, I needed to hear that, too. That's worth a blog on it's own.

    Thank you for your honest post. And thank you to your followers who make such wise comments!

  19. ouch. ouch. ouch. ouch. ouch. and may I say again. ouch.
    you will do it jack. It just takes what it takes and you know what it takes. Hugs.

  20. It happens to the best of us - the thing to remember is that we haven't gained ALL of the weight back. Better to catch it now and do something about it like we are! I know you can do it!

  21. Jack, I have been where you are, and I have been even further down the self-destructive path. In 2009, I lost 65 pounds, and by the beginning of 2011 I not only gained it all back, I put on an extra 20 pounds to boot. And like you, I did it all online, on my "weight loss" blog, for all the world to see. I didn't hide, I just kept gaining.
    I told myself and everyone it was just a hiccup, I just needed to get back in gear, get my head on right, etc. I also kept looking at my stats the way you are -- still marking off the total loss you have had, even though that loss gets smaller all the time. That was my biggest mistake; I fooled myself into thinking I was still losing when the reality was, I was steadily GAINING.
    So that would be my advice to you, as hard as it is to admit: start counting your stats in both directions. Count how much you have lost (from your heaviest weight) and then right after that how much you have gained (from your lowest). Do it now, before you are like me and you have to start the whole thing over from scratch. I am telling you, it is so, so painful. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

  22. You've got this! I brought home more than pictures and souvenirs from Italy myself...ahem...let's just call it pasta weight. So I'm committed with you!

  23. Looks like you are human after all, Jack. Good for you for fighting back. Of course you know, you can do it.

  24. Back to it as they say.. we can fool ourselves some of the time but - OH CRAP, however that saying goes! ;-)



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