Monday, March 23, 2020

Working-from-Home Health Tips

• Don’t work at a desk made entirely of cheese.

• If you live in a really huge mansion, consider taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

• Once an hour during the workday, stop and do 10,000 jumping jacks.

• It’s important to institute new habits into your workday (and no… I don’t mean having “Wine O’Clock” every afternoon!)

• Try not to get angry or upset when your spouse says you’re doing girl push-ups; THEY’RE “LADY PUSH-UPS,” ANITA!

• Food journals don’t have to be boring: “It was a brilliant sunny afternoon when the Carrot brothers – Caleb, Calvin, Cornelius, Courtney and Cricket – gathered at Lake Hummus for the diving competition…”

• Don’t let your cat answer your email.

• In order to be more productive, resist the urge to do what you’re doing right now.


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