Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Newlyfit Game

Bob Eubanks: Welcome to The Newlyfit Game, where we ask married couples questions about their health and fitness goals and regimens. Our first couple is Jack and Anita… welcome to the show, guys.

Jack: Hi, Bob. I’m thrilled to be here and hope everybody watching will check out my blog… it’s at www.jackfit.blo….

Anita: For God’s sake, Jack. Will you give it a rest about your freakin’ blog?

Jack: I’m just giving the address in case somebody…

Anita: You’ve got the URL printed on your shirt, dumbass.

Jack: Oh, yeah. There ya go!

Bob: There, there lovebirds. We’re going to see how well you know about each other’s health and fitness. We locked Jack away and asked Anita some questions and now Jack will attempt to answer them.

Jack: Bring it on!

Bob: First question: Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever made whoopee?

Jack: Hmmmmmm…. I’ve gotta say that time on the ski lift, Bob.

Bob: Now remember… on The Newlyfit Game, “making whoopee” means “working out”…

Jack: Ohhhhh….

Bob: Now let’s see what Anita said… ohhhh, she said ‘At a family reunion’.

Jack: Who calls working out “making whoopee”?

Bob: Next question, how many times a week do you make whoopee during dinner?

Jack: What?

Bob: Okay, this time “making whoopee” means “eating vegetables”.

Anita: This is just too stupid for words. C’mon, Jack… let’s go home and make whoopee.

Jack: Does that mean what I think it means?

What do you think it means?

Jack: Take a nap?

Anita: Damn right!


  1. LOL, you ARE crazy! (Of course in a positive way!)

  2. Really can't believe it.. But I still want to look at.

  3. Hey Jack,

    This is a very interesting post. :) Very out of the ordinary, I should say. But I still got your message. :)


  4. Haha making whoopie - LOVE it :)

  5. you are the one blog that hubby asks me about. "What does jack have to say this morning?" is often a topic of conversation to start our day!



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