Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Don't Like to Make Excuses, But..

Weekly weigh-in: 216.5
Loss: +.1
Total loss: -75.4
Emotion: Irresolute

I don’t like to make excuses, but…

  • I couldn’t find the “Healthy Choices” section of Hooter’s menu.
  • I thought the pickles in the fridge might be some kind of “magic pickles” like in that book about the magic pickles.
  • Eyes starting to go; might have read scale wrong last week.
  • Ate too much koala to celebrate Australia Day (January 26)
  • I dreamed I was eating a pillow and when I woke up, my giant marshmallow was gone.
  • Pants felt too big; decided it was easier to gain weight than get new belt.
  • Accidentally replaced water bottle with bottle of 1,000 Island dressing.
  • Big knot in laces of my running shoes.
  • Sample lady at grocery store forced me down, shoveled pimento-and-cheese spread in my mouth.
  • Got mesmerized by that TV show starring the dude that was in that movie with that girl with the long hair.
  • Meant to go work out but lost track of time unfollowing people I’m following on twitter that aren’t following me back. Jerks!
  • Thought I was eating 100-calorie snack bag, but turns out it was 1,000-calorie one.
  • Had to eat all chocolate in the house because I read somewhere that it was poisonous to dogs.
  • Went to all-you-could-eat buffet and forgot not to eat all I could eat.
  • Personal trainer didn’t push me to give 110%.
  • Think there was some heavy dead skin on my feet.
  • The expiration date was about to hit on that can of frosting in pantry.
  • You bloggers forgot to inspire me this week.
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  1. Don't be hating on the 1000 Islands. Have you ever even been there??

  2. Hey there, I gained this week too, must be the season.
    Yeah.. Not US. hahaha.... if only it were that easy,

  3. I still haven't bought a scale yet, though i did buy a pair of pants that are to small for me for motivational purposes. don't know if this works yet but here is my excuse... "the muffin top around my to tight pants started taunting me so to make it stop i got into some comfy sweats and went down to the bakery to get revenge."

  4. Now you've got me obsessing about pimento-and-cheese spread.

  5. Yea I've not been the best inspiration lately Jack but I'm here rooting you on. Here's to a better week for both of us!!!

  6. Very fun post. I laughed out loud!!! Have a good rest of the weekend Jack!

  7. It was muscle taking over the fat! It could be but don't use it as an excuse if it was not... ;-)

  8. haha clever..i like the one about your eyes going.

  9. Now THOSE are some creative excuses.

  10. I sure did miss your posts while I was away from the cyberworld. Glad to see you stayed funny.

  11. Ugh, one of those weeks! I didn't gain but I maintained, not ok. Back in the saddle again though, looking forward to a better week ahead! :)

  12. dude, next time...fart before getting on the scale.

  13. I think there are knots in my tennies too. Love the excuses, thx for the laugh.

  14. a 1,000 calorie snack pack?! Im in!! :-D

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  16. LOL re: •Meant to go work out but lost track of time unfollowing people I’m following on twitter that aren’t following me back. Jerks!

  17. i also do some of the same things mentione in your post



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