Monday, May 18, 2015

Too-Tight Jeans

I think I'm chubby
Without any sweatshirt on.
I think I'm flabby
Like a Jabba-the-Hut-like spawn.
I know you get me
So just watch my weight come down, dooowwwn.

Before you met me,
I was alright but thighs
Were kinda heavy
It threatened my life
Then things got very scary
I weigh more than Frankenstein, Frankenstein

Let's go all the way to goal.
No regains, just loss.
Wear fat pants, until we diet.
You and I, will be fit forever.

You make me feel
Like I'm slippin' on
Too-tight jeans
The way you turn me 'round
Take a leap.
Let's run away and
Don't ever look fat,

Don't ever look fat.

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