Monday, May 11, 2015

Ruh Roh

Jackie Doody Doo,
Look at you.
You’ve got some work to do now.
Jackie Doody Doo,
You look like poo.
You need to help yourself now.

Come on,
Jackie Doo.
I see you
Pretending you've got some mojo.
But you're not foolin’ me,
’cause I can see
Weight up/down like a yo-yo.

You know it’s not a mystery to solve so Jackie Doo
Just exercise and get on track.
Don't hold back!
And Jackie Doo when you get through 
You're gonna have yourself a
Healthy snack!
That's a fact!

Jackie Doody Doo, I see you
You're ready and you're willing.
We’re all pullin’ for you, Jackie Doo.
Get on with healthy-life livin’.

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