Friday, May 1, 2015

Muffin Top

Wish that I didn’t have this muffin top, 
Hanging over my way-too-tight jeans.
Hate this flabby flab-filled muffin top.
Hate these terrible genes.

Once there was a girl with a muffin top
Half obese, the other half fat.
Too much junk, too much soda pop,
That’s how you end up like that.

Muffin top, you’ll always be
A source of grief to me.
Dumb ole muffin top,
Muffin top leave me be,
Muffin top let me be.

Half past time to fix this muffin top
Exercise, quit eatin’ my fill.
I sure wanna improve this muffin top.
And I hope I always will. 

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