Friday, December 6, 2013

Don't Ya Wanta, Wanta Mantra?

• If you're tired of rowing, just keep going.

• Attack that elliptical with an effort that's biblical.

• Work that bike, or your Facebook fan page I'll unlike.

• Don't cuss your personal trainer, you complainin' complainer.

• If you eat a whole casserole, an angel will lose his soul.

• Crunches in bunches is better than bunches of lunches.

• If you keep eating food fried, you'll end up like Bonnie & Clyde.

• You'll feel much better if you be a sweat-sweater.

• Do lots of lats or you'll look like Lester Flatt.

• Running on the treadmill will make you feel better than eating a loaf of bread will.

• Order the whole menu and I'm gonna unfriend you.

• The easiest part of a run is once you've begun.

• If you work out daily, you won't feel so whale-y.



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