Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Gosh dammit!

• Dammit! Signed up for spinning class but it was just a bunch of people riding stationary bicycles!

• Dammit! Gained weight this week despite fact that I must have eaten over 100 fat-free cupcakes.

• Dammit! Discovered I've been taking Omega-3 Fried Fish Oil capsules.

• Dammit! Trainer informed me that my "form" was wrong on my chest presses; apparently you're not supposed to take a nap between reps.

• Dammit! Committed to drinking more water during the day but forgot that water's the one that doesn't taste like anything.

• Dammit! Just realized that jar of corn syrup I bought at grocery store contains high-fructose corn syrup.

• Dammit! Everyone at gym still saying I'm doing girl push-ups; THEY'RE LADY PUSH-UPS, OKAY?!?!?!?

• Dammit! Not sure elliptical I put together all by myself is working right due to fact that one foot goes up over my head when I use it.

• Dammit! Didn't realize ten 100-calorie packs would be 1,000 calories!

• Dammit! Pre-paid for six weeks of personal training from guy who doesn't know what a bicep curl is!

• Dammit! Nobody thinks this blog post was an entertaining as I did!


  1. Funny post! The topic of losing weight, though, isn't a funny one.Counting calories and a 7- hour sleep is crucial. Exercising is optional, but it's very good for general health. Good Luck!


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