Wednesday, January 25, 2017

If I had a time machine…

I could set it to blur past these rough first few weeks back on track, to the point where I’m seeing some success on the scale, starting to feel the difference in the way my clothes fit and starting to notice how much more energy I have.

I could rush past these l-o-n-g days of readjusting my attitude and rearranging my priorities. I’d blow by these days where I’m haunted by losing my “instant gratification” fix.

I could move right up to the point where I feel solidly in control and boldly facing my future.

Wait a minute…

If I had a time machine, maybe I should just go back in time and tell myself to lay off the chips and beer.

I'm glad we got that worked out...


  1. Speaking of laying off bad stuff. If you find that time machine could you give me a lift back to my teens... but make sure I bring along my 57 year old brain please? Cheers, me dear.

  2. What Deniz said! And my teen body.



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