Saturday, January 31, 2015

Your Healthiest Super Bowl Party Ever!

• Looking for a low-fat onion dip recipe? Mine couldn’t be simpler: just cut out an onion and put it in a bowl. Voilá! Chunky-style onion dip!

• Replace regular potato chips with healthy kale chips and no one will know the difference unless they happen to eat one.

• Traditional halftime half-marathon.               

• Instead of 7-Layer Dip, try 6-Layer Dip… that’s 14% less layer.

• Don’t participate in more than one hot-dog-eating contest per day.

• Make the party BYOBC (“Bring Your Own Bok Choy”).

• Instead of serving beer, why not try giving all your beer to me?

• Tofu-tball… no, it’s not what you think… it’s a football made out of tofu. What? That’s what you thought it was? Damn, are you some kind of psychic?

• Every time announcer says “They have to establish their running game,” everybody has to eat a stalk of celery.

• Instead of watching the big game, gather everyone around and have a reading of selected posts from my blog.


  1. Hey I like a couple of those ideas! Go team!

  2. Haha! :-) So much more enjoyable than the typical diet tips blog. Thanks, JackSht! ~ @LynCKos

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