Thursday, January 1, 2015

I Don’t Want to Confuse You, But…

This is going to be your year.

And by “your” year, I mean – of course – “my” year.

You will accomplish great things!

Me, I mean.

You will achieve every goal you set out for yourself.

Well, me and myself (isn’t that understood by now?)

You are going to simply crush it in 2015!

Do I really need to explain that I’m referring to myself again. C’MON!

You will challenge yourself, keep yourself focused and believe in yourself.

Myself, myself, myself.

You will celebrate every milestone and snap back from every setback.

You will end this year in a healthier state – both in mind and body – than you began it.

Okay, now I’ve jumped over and started taking about YOU.

YOU’RE gonna do great things this year.

Not me, you. Well, me, too.

Dammit, this could have been a lot less confusing if I was a better blogger.

But next year, I’m gonna be a better blogger!

(Ummm, I meant you there; I’ll probably be blogging the same as ever…)

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