Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mama Said There'd Be Weighs Like This...


Weight when I first started blogging: 291.5 lbs.
Last weigh-in: 255.2
Current weight: 258.3
Loss: +3.1 lbs.
Total loss since start of new year: 11.7 lbs.
Goal for coming week: Get back on track, Jack.

Especially if you eat out too many times.

Especially if you can't work out getting out for a work out.

Especially if you come back from a trip but your appetite stays on vacation.

Especially if you drink a half dozen beers before your team wins a playoff game and now you HAVE to continue that tradition or else your team might lose throughout the rest of the playoffs.

Especially if you lose your focus.

Yeah, Mama said there be weighs like this.

What a bitch.

No, I meant gaining weight's a bitch not that my Mama was a bitch. Come on!


  1. Onward and downward!

  2. My appetite is still on vacation too. Takes so little time getting used to more food, so long to get used to having less again!

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