Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fitblogger’s Daughter (by Pisa Sh*t)

By Pisa Sh*t

Well, I was born a fitblogger's daughter.
Dad is real particular ‘bout what he’ll swaller.
We ain’t rich, but we buy organic.
That's one thing that Dad's a real fan of.
He’ll switch the stickers just to save a dollar.

My daddy worked all night gigglin’ and writin’.
Chroniclin’ his adventures while he’s dietin’.
Momma told ‘im he’s actin’ stupid.
But it’s helpin’, that can’t be disputed.
The whole thing starts all over come weigh-in day.

Daddy loves his blog, but it don’t make much of a salary.
So he can’t afford a gizmo to track each calorie.
But he tries to be more healthy
Shove less junk food down his belly.
Cuz he knows that a little can go a wrong, wrong weigh.

Yeah, I'm proud to be a fitblogger’s daughter.
I’ve learned to exercise and drink a lot of water.
Daddy’s dumb but he’s no quitter.
He’s workin’ hard to get more fitter.
Now he’s got a lil’ less tetter in his tetter-totter. 

Yeah, lots of things have changed since the way back when.
And it's so good that Dad’s a healthy man again.
Not the sharpest knife in the drawer,
But not a lardass anymore.
So happy that I’m a fitblogger’s daughter.


  1. I had to read this twice. It's freaking hilarious!


  3. Clever, funny, and loaded with word plays that cracked me up! Now to watch the video footage of you swapping price tags



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