Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Make Your Next Weigh-In More Exciting!

• Weigh in on top of a moving train (don't forget to duck when you come up on a tunnel)

• If you show a loss, run out and high-five everyone in the house (oh come on... at least put a robe on first!)

• Riverdance on scale

• Put wheels on scale and do weigh in while zooming down that big hill over on Sycamore Avenue

• Paint every toenail a different color like I do

• Hold a couple of lit sparklers during weigh-in, then subtract weight of sparklers (according to my sources, each sparkler weighs five pounds)

• Cover the floor of your entire house with wall-to-wall scales so you keep up with your weight during course of day.

• Play "Mission: Impossible" theme during weigh-in

• Spin like the Tasmanian Devil while weighing in

• Try losing a little weight

1 comment:

  1. Good tips there, Jack. Now I want to see your toenails.



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