Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Loss on Halloween Week? That’s Downright Spooky!

Weekly weigh-in: 212.5
Loss: -2.1
Total loss: 79.0 lbs.
Emotion: Hobo-hunting

A funny thing happened on my way to my Friday Halloween parties…

I spent the entire week with a sharp focus on my diet and an increased intensity with my workouts. I was trying to bank a bunch of extra-good days in order to leave myself some leeway during what was sure to be a wild Halloween weekend.

By the time Friday arrived, I knew I could cut loose a little if I wanted to without feeling an overload of guilt. I had paid in advance for a little fun. But as I stepped up to the big bowl of tortilla chips and the bubbling rotel dip, I found that the idea of stuffing myself with that kind of crap didn’t hold a whole lot of appeal. I thought about that 15-mile uphill climb on the bike I’d made the day before and the 750 calories it had burned. Fifty minutes of sweaty grunt-it-out misery equated (calorie-wise) to about ten chips and dip. I don’t know, but that just didn’t seem like a fair trade... so I just backed away.

That night, I found myself at another party and another table laden with high-fat treats (though, to be honest, there were plenty of healthy choices as well). I noshed on fresh veggies and nursed a couple of Heineken Lights. Towards the end of the evening, I found myself gravitating back to the food table, but wound up talking myself down from the ledge.

As for Halloween night, I’ve got a take-it-or-leave-it attitude to candy due to the fact that my Nazi dentist accidentally pulled my sweet tooth when I was a child. That’s not to say that I haven’t raided the kids’ treat bag in the past; it’s just that it doesn’t hold the same temptation for me as other things.

So that’s how I navigated through the rapids of a party-filled holiday week and managed to bring home a loss for the week.

This next week marks a bit of a departure for JSGF. I started what I thought was going to be an ordinary post and it just took on a life of its own, spreading out over the entire week, incorporating all kinds of blogging guest stars and straying off the weigh-loss ranch pretty badly. If tomorrow’s post doesn’t ring your bell, I’d suggest staying away for the rest of the week because each day just gets worse than the one before.

A nice loss and a week of silliness to look forward to… that’s a good reason to smile, if you ask me.


  1. Jack...I'm 100% with you when it comes to calorie burned and what you can get for said burned calories.

    It just isnt worth it!

    yay for another great loss!

  2. Congratulations!!!

    I wish I didn't have a sweet tooth. I still have a huge bowl of candy left over.

  3. Great work Jack, looking forward to reading this week!


    It's helpful to be reminded how hard we work and how quickly that is cancelled out. I need to see that in print sometimes, so thank you for that.

  5. We went to the same dentist? lol Good job Jack! Great loss! :)

  6. Way to go buddy! So if cheese dip or candy don't tempt you....what does? Deep fried jackalope? Beet stew? Are you human?

    Even if you are not, a loss during a junk food holiday week is awesome!

  7. It's amazing to see the mind shift when things are put into perspective...when you think before you eat. Thanks for a great post and an encouraging loss. Congtrats on the loss!!

  8. Show off!

    Nah, I'm just picking on ya', Slim. hehehe

    Congrats on the loss and good for you on not messing up all that hard work! I've got that mindset back too and it feels great.

  9. Congrats on the loss! I envy your lack of sweet tooth, but I think mine is ebbing as I gave into it full force while in Wisconsin. Oh my lol.

  10. Job well done Jack!
    Congrats on another well deserved loss.
    Good luck hobo hunting. :)


  11. Great weigh-in Jack!! 15 miles uphill on a bike. Wow. lol, I'm so far behind you on the exercise it's pathetic. I love how you're making your food choices now...judging whether or not it's worth it, and it usually isn't. I'm starting to get the hang of that too. FINALLY. Oh guess what? I bought a pair of jeans yesterday that are a size smaller!! Just keeps getting better and better. :)

  12. Could've used your mindset Friday. Ah well, I'm being extra careful over the weekend and will hope for the best on my weigh-in tomorrow.

    Congrats on a great loss and great week!

  13. Hey Jack, nice work!! That's all I have to say ... mostly because I'm mildly disgruntled that my own will power went AWOL over the weekend. Keep it up, fella!

  14. Nice loss!

    By any chance was your dentist's name Mengele? Mine's is.

  15. And people say exercise makes you want to eat more. I usually think the same way--I worked damn hard to burn off that many calories, let's not ruin it that easily.

  16. Great job Jack! Enjoy reading your posts and seeing how great you're doing helps keep me on the right track to getting healthier.

  17. well done on the willpower, but more especially on the fact that it didn't take much for it to manifest. I truly believe that your body actually starts to like the healthy stuff you put in, it takes note of the positive impact it has, and craves more – not fat laden nutrient deficient stuff that’s *everywhere*!

    of course that could all be a load of crap and it's just the psychological feeling associated with putting crap in your body and what it produces on your body - fat! you've worked so hard to lose it, and you're a bloody smart fella, so it's not hard to recognise the correlation between what goes in and what you get out ;-)

  18. Great loss and way to work the food tables.

    I will look forward to a week of zany!

  19. that is a good reason to smile
    woot for the loss :D

  20. Congrats Jack!!! And isn't it interesting how just the fact that we exercised & did so good can stop us in our tracks from overdoing at get togethers! I often think about how much I would have to do to work off something I am contemplating eating & I ask myself if it is really worth it. Most of the time, no. BUT, if it is, I eat it!

  21. Way to back away from the dip, Jack. I can't say I was as virtuous as you, but I survived.

    And STILL losing - you are something else. Nice work.

  22. Thanks so much for the visit and comment to my blog, was lovely to hear from you...I see you have a HUGE following!!
    Now you have another!!x

  23. Well done you! I think that's what I'm missing in my mind - I haven't yet made the connection between how long and how hard it is to burn the necessary calories to cover any "treats" that I help myself to without thinking. I'm going to think about that a lot harder this week.
    Thank you.

  24. Congrats! Thanks for the reminder. I used to always equate how much exercise I would have to do to negate something I was eating. I don't do that anymroe....I need to restart!!!

  25. Well done on the Halloween loss..Now I want to see you have a Christmas loss...LOL

  26. Yay!! Good for you!! I used to lose on the weirdest weeks and when I had over ate/drank!! It feels good though, congrats. Thanks for all the blog love!! :)



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