Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hitting My Stride

Weekly weigh-in: 208.3
Loss: -2.5
Total loss: 83.2 lbs.
Emotion: Runner's High

Just when I declare that my best losing days are behind me, I string a few nice losses together. What’s going on with my body? Helluva I know.

I will tell you that I’m in a nice groove with this eating business, in a groove with this exercise business. One night this week, I took my dog Dip (who had a very worried expression on her face for some strange reason) on a walk and felt so jazzed that I wound up running half the distance.

I’m not a runner like some of you. I joke about someday participating in a 0K run (because of the poor performance of my retirement funds this year, I can no longer stomach joshing about 401K's anymore), but jogging has simply never been my thang. Still… as me and Dip were out on that walk, I just got the urge to hotfoot it a little. Dip was just as surprised as I was, just as surprised as you are.

I’ve recently dropped into the upper range of my weight loss goals, and the reward has been an energy level that is simply unprecedented for me. In my experience, there’s a tipping point somewhere along the line where your body starts working more efficiently, more effectively and, well, you feel like running instead of just plodding along. And I mean that both figuratively and literally.

We’re changing, you and I. I’ve never been a runner, yet there I was out there pounding the pavement like nobody's business. As we work each day to make sure there’s less to us, it's time to open ourselves up to the possibility that there’s also a lot more to us as well.

One last note, I was remiss a couple of days ago not to mention that Sue at Did I Just Eat That Out Loud turned a goofy little ditty I emailed her into a guest post. I’m shooing you over to her site now, not because I think what I wrote was so spectacular (though, fair warning: that tune will stick in your skull), but because I think you’ll like both what Sue has to say and how she manages to say it. I know she has a way of generally putting a smile on my face.


  1. Sounds like you're doing awesome! Congratulations! I, also, am not a runner - maybe once I lose a few I will find this burst of energy that you speak of!

    I have been following your blog for awhile but think that this is my first comment. You always keep me laughing! Thanks!

  2. I recently added a little jog to my walk, too. Mainly because I wanted the whole thing to go faster...get past the boredom. I can't wait to be where you're at...toying with normalcy.

  3. Good job JackSHIT.

    That's awesome that you've hit that point where your body is making things happen. Enjoy it!

  4. Jack. Thanks. It's all I can think of to say.

  5. That's awesome. Have you noticed since you've started working out that you need or crave sleep?

  6. Did you ever snap a pic of you hobo high 5 experience? :)

    Great job this week Jack! Super loss too! Running makes me feel like throwing up. lol

  7. Isn't it fascinating what your body wants to do now? Being active is so natural.

    And dems some good numbers!

  8. Now that just goes to show, running that little bit must have done it for you....LOL.
    Well done on that weight loss.
    I'm also at goal and lose and gain a few 100 grams weekly...

  9. New pic ... and good for you!

    I've found myself running a little bit ... including running upstairs. Oh my does it feel good!

  10. Great loss. Watch out for Dip. I think she has plans for you.

  11. Jack, your post brought happy tears to my eyes. That is exactly how I started running one day last spring - I just felt like I couldn't help it! First I ran for three minutes (ie one whole song on my iPod!) and then it just kept stretching out from there. I am so thrilled for you and your newfound amazing energy and fitness. You are on such a roll, dude!

  12. Really good news on a Sunday! Congrats!
    It's so motivating to do things we never could/would before!

    Here's to keeping your head in the game!

  13. Jack, you are awesome! Great stuff! So glad to hear about the new found "jog" and all that energy!!! Exciting!

  14. GO JACK!!!! Way to be awesome :) Next you'll be talking all in numbers (yeah, I PR'd my 13.1 this weekend in 1:59:06 by thinking of it in intervals of 4x400s done in 4:45)

    Crazy runners!

  15. yeah, me too....pip pip. I am no where near close to goal...but it was run or ruin my camera...and I am no spendthrift.
    Great job jack. And I'll bet your dog is worried. Maybe you could find an alternative. go vegan for the sacrifice and do oranges and berries lol.

  16. Great work Jack, in not time YOU'LL be running a 10 k at 22:22 :-)

  17. Sounds fantastic, Jack -o! It's interesting how hitting a new level just a few pounds below where one has dwelled for months can shoot us through with new energy, motivation and lightness. Very inspiring.

    Now that I know what my knee problem is and that I'm going to have it scoped in the next month, I've been upping my walking again, finally. It's amazing how much more winded I am after backing off physically for many weeks when I didn't know the source of the knee pain. I still have to be careful, but now I'm confident that I can at least power walk a bit, knowing the knee will be cleaned out soon :D

  18. Jack, you are awesome.

    This new development can only lead to one thing, you realize. The title to a future post:

    Holy Sh*t I just signed up to run a marathon!

    Jack, run with it! I heart running in a huge way. Will heart it more as a smaller person....But honestly, keep doing it!

    The Native Americans out here say if you can dance, you must dance. Dance for the ones who cannot, and dance for the ones that came before and go ahead. (Something like that).

    I say if you can run, you must run. God designed us to pick up the pace.

    Happy trails.


  19. Ignore the "well". And thanks for your comments!

  20. I ran yesterday too! Congrats! I totally know the feeling!

  21. Another great loss, Jack! Well done on all counts!

  22. Now that I think about it... Poor Dip! Why would you force that unfortunate dog be one of the creators of her own uncoming doom? Being sacrificed to a Brazilian demi-god is bad enough, but to make her participate in moving her demise along at a quicker pace?! That's sick, Jack! ;)

  23. A message from my dog Bratjack, er, Blackjack, to your dogs:
    "Listen carefully, listen well...Your master typo-ed: God spelled backwards is dog. So the 90lb reward actually reads: ~sacrifice one of the Gods of the house to Brazilian demi-dog.~
    So catch the God before he learns to run faster and while he still has some meat on his bones."
    Dogs. Sometimes I think they rule the world and we know sh*t.

  24. I know what you mean about that feeling to run. My darn knees though won't let me do it for to long but I still enjoy trying sometimes. You know I'm worried about poor dip, hope you change your mind at 90 lbs lose since your closing in on it quickly now. Way to go on the great loss.

  25. Good for you for trying the run, the hardest part is starting, I hope you keep at it. And another fantastic loss!

  26. Recently joined reader, first time commenter says: thanks! Supermotivating for those of us who are assdragging but know it can be different.

  27. Im still searching for my running stride...

  28. Well done, Jack! You are an inspiration!

  29. Boy, there's just no end to your awesomeness is there Jack? First, a fantastic loss, and then RUNNING???? REALLY???? Love it. :)

  30. Excellent work Jack! You continue to inspire me. You make the rest of us realize that enduring and moving forward will reap some great benefits....not just on the scale!

  31. Oh man. Running must be catching this week.

    the running...
    the continued weight loss...
    the achieving of goals...


  32. I agree with Wild Fluffy Sheep. You are getting too good for your own good. Running? Seriously?! You couldn't just jog slowly or something?



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