Wednesday, February 17, 2021

What I Saw On My Walk Today... A Good Reason Not to Walk

“Winter passes and one
 remembers one’s perseverance.”
–Yoko Ono

“Are you crazy?” asked my wife Anita as I started putting on… well, basically every piece of clothing I own.

The day’s previous snowstorm (seven inches and counting) had led to me breaking my month’s long streak of five-mile daily walks.

Today I pulled on two pairs of socks, three pairs of pants, shirts, sweaters – I mean it, everything in my closet. I strapped on my heavy, heavy hiking boots and plowed my way down the driveway. 

“Is this a mistake or a bad idea?” I considered, checking my phone’s weather app and seeing a single-digit temp staring back at me.

The air was brisk and bracing. The cold was penetrating and cruel. The wind was biting and bitter.

But I had my will buckled down and my body bundled up.

I had planned on just shooting for half my regular walk, but I caught my groove and just kept pushing along. I generally see joggers, stroller pushers, dog walkers, yard workers and others along the way, but today it was just me and my lonesome. Just me making my way slowly but surely through the falling snowflakes.

No sane person would be out walking today.

That’s me. 


  1. And you lived to write about it.

  2. Wow, you went out in that weather. Some days, the sun is shining, there is a gentle breeze and the whole world is so inviting but I still can't move my lazy butt. Here you walked through all that snow with a dozen layers of clothing and the snow dragging you. Hats off. Inspired. I just love the internet for such random inspirational stuff.

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