Monday, June 27, 2016

Excuses for a Bad Weigh-in

• Forgot where my
gym is located

• Gravity extra strong on weigh-in day

• Breaking in a new scale

• Letting my hair grow out

• Weight Watchers conspiracy

• Friends let me down

• Wearing my Kevlar underwear

• Bad voodoo

• Too heavy for treadmill to move

• Drank too much gravy

• Obama and his Socialistic agenda

• Didn’t know they’d be serving wedding cake at the wedding

• The regrettable marshmallow incident

• Spider got in my gym bag

• Stumbled into a charity fish fry

• Sleep-snacking

• Amnesia made me forget about diet

• Accidentally locked self in snack closet

• Coworker brought in brownies and I didn’t want to hurt her feelings

• Listened to a lot of music that made me hungry

• Misplaced my muzzle

• Actually lied about my weight last week

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