Monday, May 9, 2016

Taking Care of Bigness

I get up every morning
From the ‘larm clock's warning
Take a great big look in the mirror.
There's my stomach full of stuffin’
Bellty bloatin’, belly bulgin’
A bad end’s gettin’ one day nearer.
Cuz see I’m running outta time
A victim of my own crime
Time to start changing up the way I weigh
Oh, I’m sure that I’ll be tested.
Look at me, I'm self-invested
I love to work my muscles each day
And I'll be…

Taking care of bigness (every day)
Taking care of bigness (every weigh-in)
I've been taking care of bigness (it’s all mine)
Taking care of bigness
And work out all the time.

Work out!

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