Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Healthy Blog Dropout

Your story’s sad to tell,
A too-big ne’er eat well,
Stopping at every McDonalds on the block!
Your future's so unclear now,
You just drank another beer now.
Can't even fit into your loosest smock!

Angels: (La lalala lalala lalala...)

Healthy blog dropout.
No more posts do I see from you.
Healthy blog dropout.
Missed your weigh-in and update, too.
Well at least you could have taken time,
To post on Facebook and Twitter,

Whatever happened to your goal of
Getting yourself a bit more fitter?

Better get movin’ (better get movin’),
Exercise until you ache.
Diet improvin’ (diet improvin’)
You eat the carrots, not the cake.

If you change your attitude, and your appetite so bottomless,
Perhaps you won’t wind up looking just like a hippopotamus

Healthy blog dropout (healthy school dropout),
Hanging around the vending machine.
Healthy blog dropout (healthy blog dropout),
It's time to health up your cuisine.

Well, if you’re back to going out
To order everything on the menu
Then I guess I’m gonna have to

Go ahead and just unfriend you.

Baby, just sweat it (go on and sweat it),
It’s time you started doing right once more.
Best not forget it (best not Forget it),
You’ve lost the battle, not the war.

Now your workouts stopped, your muffin topped, and still you can’t restart.
Just get your ass in gear and put down that Pop-Tart!

Baby don't blow it,
Don't put my good advice to shame.
Baby you know it,
It’s time to get back in the game.

Now I've called the shot, get off the pot, you really need to try.
Out-of-shape caterpillar, next stop: new butterfly.

Healthy blog dropout (healthy blog dropout)
Go back to caring.
Healthy blog dropout (healthy blog dropout)
Go back to caring.
Healthy blog dropout (healthy blog dropout)
Go back to caring.


  1. I think thong Thursdays are an excellent idea.

  2. Oh man, there is just way too much truth in this post, Jack. Think about it. Where is everybody who used to blog "way back when"??

  3. Uh-oh. It's beginning to look as if you are dropping out, Jack. I hope that's not the case; I enjoy reading your clever blog. However, if it's not helping you meet your health goals, I can see that you might not want to devote all the time and energy it obviously takes to keep it going. Eileen


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