Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Is It Getting Hot In Here Or Is It Just Me?

Free Weights Are My Foreplay  by Chris P. Bacon

Banana in the Fruit Salad
 by Hugh Jass

Push-Up Partners by Walter Melon

Putting the “Skinny”  in “Skinny Dipping”
by Brighton Early

Flirting with Good Health by Biff Wellington

Running Makes Me Racy by Jack Tupp

A Knight in Shining Spandex by Bess Eaton

Dimitri’s Dirty Secret (She Never Cleaned Out Her Gym Bag) by Earl Lee Riser

Fat-Free Fling by Russell Sprout

Dressing on the Side by Ben Dover

Calore-Counting Call Girl  by Tad Moore

Hide the Cannoli (It Has 375 Calories Per Serving!) by Eddie Bull

He Caught Me Masticating
by Howie Doohan

Extremely Hot Yoga by Marsha Mellow

Squat Thrusts in the Cucumber Patch 
by Kenya Dewit

It’s Getting Steamy In Here (Because I’m Steaming a Little Broccoli)  by Ophelia Payne

Show Me Your Kumquat by Eaton Wright and Liv Good

Lean Beef Stroganoff by Brock Lee

Let’s Do It Bloggy-Style
by Al K. Seltzer


  1. Chris P. Bacon is my favourite author.

  2. Funny stuff. I snorted coffee through my nose over the "Banana in the fruit salad". So juvenile but hilarious. Good thing you can read these on Kindle and no ones the wiser.



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