Thursday, July 30, 2015

How Jack Got His Groove Back

Longtime readers (wait... are there any longtime readers around here?) surely have noticed a newfound re-commitment to my healthy living goals on this site.

A few folks have reached out with questions. What got you back on track, Jack? What changed for you? How are you doing it? Can I borrow $500?

Let me try to explain:  I had been slacking off and I knew it. This blog was nothin' but silly stuff, and my scale was apparently on an extended vacation on a tropical isle. I don't know about you, but I tend to respond to gaining weight by forgetting everything I know about healthy eating. How'd that work out for you, Jack?

I was already in the process of trying to attempt to get myself pumped up to get back on the wagon when I noticed the wagon roll by with my smiling wife Anita sitting on board.

She had recently gotten back to using the MyFitnessPal app to track her food and was seeing tremendous success. Wait, I thought, which one of us is the world-famous weight-loss blogger around here anyways?

So just like that, I snapped back on plan.

It was hard at first. Of course it was hard at first. It’s always hard at first. But a week went by and ten pounds melted off lickety-split.

Soon I noticed that I felt a little better, had a little more energy and had found my good groove again. I go to bed hungry sometimes, but I never go to bed disappointed with myself. I actually look forward to hopping on the scale.

I don’t know where you are on this madcap weight-loss adventure, whether you’re taking that first tentative step or striding confidently towards your goals, but I’m sure you know the same thing that I re-discovered a couple of months back…

I can do this is I want to.

And I want to.


  1. I'm two years into maintenance and yeah you have to really want it, in order to make it happen. Great job getting back at it!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration Jack, your doing awesome!! I'm starting MFP on August 1st

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  4. This is AWESOME. I'm proud of you for the work -- physically and emotionally.

  5. I've gained back 60 of 90 pounds. I'm ready to get back on track, really truly ready. Hold the wagon, I'm ready to jump on board!

  6. I'd be happy to pay interest on the money Jack.

    I'm a long time reader and so glad to see you back on track. I'm a maintainer and want more company!

    Good for Anita as well, hope things continue to go well for both of you.

  7. I like the visual of your wife rolling by on the band wagon. I'm going to use that. Not with your wife on the band wagon of course. That's just creepy.

  8. Nice to hear! i opened up a brand new weightloss (1.8 2015) blog if interested

    there is a start for everything



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